Game Recap: Texas Tech 83, Maine 44

Texas Tech dominated the Maine Black Bears.

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Another game that I didn’t get to see because I simply didn’t get this channel. All comments are based off the box score.

  • It’s tough to tell who the MVP is for a game that Texas Tech nearly won by 40 points. Remember that this Maine team only lost to Boston College by 20, and Texas Tech just whipped them by 40 and it apparently was pretty easy.
  • The defense held Maine to 25% shooting from the field, 14% from the three-point line and forced 17 turnovers, including 10 steals. There was simply not any statistical metric that Maine beat Texas Tech other than free throw percentage at 87% while Texas Tech only made 79% of their free throws. This was a complete domination from a defensive standpoint.
  • Offensively, Texas Tech shot 51% from the field, made 56% of their three-pointer (10-18), grabbed 37 rebounds and out-rebounded Maine by 6, had 10 turnovers on offense and 16 assists.
  • Four players scored in double-figures: Niem Stevenson scored 10 (he also grabbed 8 boards); Keenan Evans scored 12 points (he had 4 assists and only 1 turnover); Zhaire Smith scored 11 ponts (also grabbed 7 boards); and Jarrett Culver scored 11 points (he had 4 rebounds). There wasn’t a dominating performance by anyone individual, but a dominating performance by this team.
  • From the highlights, Brandone Francis looks really comfortable outside and if we were looking for a three-point shooter, Francis looks pretty smooth, made both of his three-point shots. Davide Moretti scored 5 points and was 1 of 2 from beyond the arc, and from all accounts, he looked more comfortable.
  • Malik Ondigo scored his first bucket of his career and also had a block and a steal.
  • Zach Smith had 6 rebounds and only scored 3 points, had 2 assists, 3 blocks and only 1 turnover. Not a big scoring game from Smith out of the blocks and I hope that Smith gets it going because I want to see him play professionally.
  • Josh Webster had some better stats as he had 4 points and 4 assists with no turnovers. Norense Odiase scored 8 points on 3 of 4 and from the one highlight, he looked good in the post. That’s great from both players.
  • Chris Beard appears to be just substituting these guys liberally, no one played more than 23 minutes and that was Zach Smith.



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