Read // Look // Devour // 2017.11.17

The staff makes their picks for the weekend.


Read // The current best thing in college football is Miami’s turnover chain. Don’t understand it? Here’s a primer. Mostly what you need to know is renowned meat saint Vince Wilfork was involved.

Look // The Office is fine, both British & American versions. But if you want a mockumentary that’s truly funny and roughly 1000x better than the office, you have to look to the Canadians. I once turned my nose up at the Trailer Park Boys, but decided to give it a shot after it got a lot of endorsements from people whose comedy tastes I trust. I’d post a clip, but their use of coarse language is a bit. . . liberal. But if you’ve been curious but haven’t wanted to take the plunge, do it.

Devour // Brand new to Texas, Upland Brewing out of Indiana has started to sell their beers here in the past 2 weeks. I was able to grab their Barrel-aged Cherry Sour last night and it absolutely blew me away. I can’t wait to dig into their other varieties


Read // Shea Serrano is an author in San Antonio who was a teacher for years before becoming a full-time writer for Grantland and now The Ringer. His latest book, Basketball (and other things) is a beauty. There are 33 chapters, and in each one, Serrano poses interesting hypothetical questions related to the NBA such as “What Year was Michael Jordan the Best Version of Michael Jordan?” and “Was Kobe Bryant a Dork?”

Look // Apparently, Canada will be opening a four-story kart track in Niagra Falls. Get a red shell and see where you land at the trophy ceremony.

Devour // Good ol’ Costco had 1 pint 6 ounce bottles of Alaskan Brewing Co.’s Mocha Milk Stout. Man, this was a nice beer to enjoy on a dreary Sunday earlier this week. It’s a solid stout, not too sweet.


Read // From The Charlotte Observer’s Scott Fowler, this seems like an annual story and one that should be told every year, but Chancellor Lee Adams is the son of Rae Carruth, who murdered Chancellor’s mother, Cherica, while she was pregnant with Chancellor. Chancellor has cerebral palsy and permanent brain damage and his grandmother is his champion, Saundra Adams. You’ll probably cry (I did) and this is just a terrific story of perseverence and forgiveness. Chancellor is about to turn 18.

Look // I had no idea that there was such a thing as the “right to roam” law in Scotland, which essentially allows anyone to go onto anyone’s property and hike or snowboard or do whatever. Basically, you have public access to all private land for recreation and education purposes. That’s such a foreign concept, especially here where we take land rights so personally, but in Scotland, only a few own most of the land and no one would be able to enjoy it. And there appears to be this unwritten code where you try to leave the place better than you found it.

Devour // Real Ale’s Hans’ Pils is a very good pilsner. Really light and I think I could have had about 10 of them (I only had one).


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