Texas Tech National Signing Day: December Edition

I’m running severely behind this week (had some personal things happen) and so the coverage of this signing day isn’t going to be as complete as in prior years. With this December 20th signing period, things are happening early. Texas Tech is set to sign 10 players today and then will most likely fill the class in the February signing period.

Most Likely Signing Today

Quarterback Alan Bowman (6-3/208 | Grapevine, TX)

Wide Receiver Corey Fulcher (6-3/180 | Dallas, TX)
Inside Receiver Kisean Carter (6-0/155 | The Woodlands, TX)
Inside Receiver Sterling Galban (5-10/180 | Burnet, TX)
Wide Receiver Myller Royals (6-5/180 | Abilene, TX)
Wide Receiver Erik Ezukanma (6-3/180 | Ft. Worth, TX)

Offensive Tackle Troy Bradshaw (6-7/258 | Mineral Wells, TX)
Offensive Tackle Weston Wright (6-7/290 | New Braunfels, TX)
Offensive Guard Clayton Franks (6-4/275 | Mansfield, TX)
Offensive Guard Hakeem White (6-3/281 | Waco, TX)
Offensive Guard DeMarcus Marshall (6-3/333 | Grand Prairie, TX)

DT Jaylon Hutchings (6-1/270 | Forney, TX)

Who Is Left

Tailback Devin Brumfield (5-10/219, Covington, LA)

Wide Receiver Gabriel Douglas (6-2/200 | Denton, TX)

Defensive End John Scott (6-4/245 | Hitchcock, TX)

Outside Linebacker Xavier Benson (6-3/200 | Texarkana, TX)

Safety Mikhi Garner (6-2/188 | Mesquite, TX)


  • Don’t forget that the 2018 Texas Tech Football Commit table is always at the top of the page, and has links to each player’s profiles, Hudl videos, etc. It’s totally updated (I think) and ready for you to use today.
  • There’s a very good chance that Gabriel Douglas decommits before the February signing day. Douglas may be a grade casualty and that’s too bad because he is supremely talented. Douglas would maybe sign on some smaller school or go the JUCO route.
  • Devin Brumfield is getting offers all over the place and he’s maybe the best player in the class. He’s at least going to wait until February.
  • That’s one of the things about the early signing period, which is that players like Brumfield may wait it out and see if a better offer comes along. You shouldn’t fault them for doing that, it’s part of their right to continue to look around.
  • If Brumfield does flip, then there’s still the chance that TayZhawn Henry commits. It appears that most of the experts lean this way.
  • Obviously, the defense needs the most work and David Gibbs has some rules about recruiting, namely that he has to see the player in person and he’s also pretty slow to give out offers. He’ll have to work overtime so that he can get those looks. And he’ll have to hustle to fill out the class, but Gibbs seems like a guy that’s pretty confident at evaluation and I won’t put it past him to put something together that we’ll end up liking.
  • Please treat this as your open thread to keep track as to who has signed. I’ve got a busy work day in front of me so I won’t be able to really keep track of things, but honestly, you don’t need me to do that. You all have got this.
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