Texas Tech Running Backs Coach Jabbar Juluke to Leave Staff

A fourth assistant leaves.

It is being reported by multiple outlets, although I’m guessing that KAMC had it first since they reported it on their 6:00 p.m. news yesterday, that Texas Tech running backs coach Jabbar Juluke is leaving the Texas Tech coaching staff.

I’ve been told that Juluke wants to return to Louisiana and I’d look for him to turn up there later this week. This is the fourth assistant to no longer be part of the staff: Juluke; Eric Morris to Incarnate Word as head coach; Karl Scott to Louisiana as defensive coordinator; and Joe Robinson to UTEP. I get the impression that Robinson was simply not renewed and there is significant talk that there is going to be a new offensive coordinator that calls plays and that a shake-up on that end of the staff was inevitable. One could view the Scott situation as being a promotion and I get the impression that the coaching staff was happy for Scott and his ability to get that job was the work that he put in here at Texas Tech led to that opportunity (Texas Tech played Arizona State earlier this year, which is where the new Louisiana head coach was the OC last year). The Juluke situation is one where I do think that this was a bit of a surprise to some, but Juluke apparently wanted to get back to Louisiana as that’s where he wants to be. And to be clear, I’m not trying to justify anything, just relaying what I’ve been told and you can do what you want with this information.


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