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Leach to Sue Texas Tech. A-J Media’s Don Williams reports that former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach intends on suing Texas Tech and intends on accusing that Texas Tech is withholding public records regarding Leach’s termination:

“The public — including students, alumni, and taxpaying citizens — have a legal right to see the emails and investigative notes surrounding Coach Leach’s improper termination,” lawyer Julie Pettit said in the release.

Dolcefino Consulting claims Tech has refused to release regent phone records, details of expenditures of the football team and emails between Hance and Kelly Overly, a former Tech foundation official.

“Texas Tech has chosen to spend taxpayer money to keep the Leach records secret from students, parents, alumni, donors and Texas taxpayers,” Dolcefino said in the release.

FYI: 1) I am posting this because it is news and I don’t know what to do with stuff like this because ultimately it will be posted in the comments because we discuss things here and it’s better to that you read the comments here rather than some place where the comments can be an unmitigated disaster; 2) I’ll probably continue to post it here in the Morning Stake unless something big happens; 3) I don’t know what the point of this proposed lawsuit is, but I guess that’s why you try to get more information to see if something was missed, even then, if the case has been fully litigated and Texas Tech cannot be liable, then I don’t see the point; 4) I don’t know if folks have commented this here, but I typically use the words “terminated” and “situation” or something similar to that when referring to the Leach situation because I feel like I’ve written enough about it and that I’m giving you credit that you know what the situation entails and you’ve made up your mind how you feel about the situation; 5) I would guess that Leach’s intent here is to try to find as much dirt and information in an attempt to embarrass Texas Tech, but I don’t see any way that whatever the information might be, that Texas Tech will budge with their current stance that the case has been fully litigated and it is over; 6) Get ready for a full spring and summer of this because I don’t think Leach is going to stop.

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