The Morning Stake | 2018.01.09

Texas Tech Tennis

Texas Tech Baseball

Texas Tech Basketball

Texas Tech Top 10. That’s right, your Red Raiders are top 10 at this point

Evans Named Player of the Week (Again).

Malik’s Minute. Special guest is Justin Gray.

Big 12 Meat Grinder. SI’s Dan Greene writes about the incredibly tough season that will entail the Texas Tech season:

That’s part of why, Beard says, “a two-game winning streak in the Big 12 feels like you’ve won eight or nine games in some other leagues I’ve coached in. It’s really that daunting.” And with a true home-and-home round-robin schedule, there’s no place for any team to hide; everyone has to play everywhere. If you flip on a Big 12 game—be it Oklahoma at West Virginia or Texas at Iowa State—there’s a good chance you’re going to see some entertaining and unpredictable basketball.

If it’s your job to navigate that gauntlet, well, that might not quite be fun. But for those of us observing, there’s nothing better to watch.

Texas Tech Football

Kittley to be OC at Houston Baptist. Via A-J Media’s Don Williams, reports that offensive grad assistant Zach Kittley, the de facto quarterback coach, has taken a job with Houston Baptist. Congrats to Kittley!

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