Five Post Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 70, Stephen F. Austin 60

  1. Keenan Evans is the hero we all deserve (the “we” being Texas Tech fans). He played terrifically and his ability to split the double-team with about a minute left in the game was absolutely beautiful. Make no mistake, you are watching something absolutely special and incredible. Oh, and keeping his guns up while being interviewed and the Matador Song is playing is one of the best things ever.
  2. The turnovers in the first half were absolutely terrible and Jarrett Culver struggled all night to make an impact all game long. It was an odd game for Culver and the thing is that Chris Beard will believe in you more than you believe in you.
  3. The best lineup was one where Zach Smith was in it and it didn’t really matter who else was on the floor because SFA was abusing Odiase and Hamilton on defense, but Zach fixed that. That’s what you missed all year long.
  4. Niem Stevenson played with some guts and he’s got more attitude than just about anyone else on the team (save Francis).
  5. This happened.

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