Five Things: Villanova 71, Texas Tech 59

  1. I’m not here for your referee conspiracy theories. Other than a handful of times Texas Tech didn’t drive to the basket and if you are expecting Texas Tech to get some calls without driving to the lane then you’ve got another thing coming. In the first half, Texas Tech went 1-10 from the three-point line and if you think that’s too many three-point shots, you are correct.
  2. In the first half, Texas Tech was out-rebounded by 13, 26-13. Villanova is really good inside and they were fantastic at rebounding the ball. Wanna know why Texas Tech was losing in the first half? Keenan Evans was 1-7 from the floor and that’s incredibly tough to overcome when your best player isn’t hitting any shots.
  3. Texas Tech had Villanova sweating bullets in the second half and the Red Raiders were valiant in their attempts to come back. I’m not a fan of blaming refs for lossses. It’s not in my DNA to be concerned about refs. Yes, calls were missed and if you want to blame the refs, than that’s fine. I can’ thelp that.
  4. Texas Tech shot 34% for the game and 30% from the three-point line. Villanova had a lot to do with that because they’re danged good defensively too. Texas Tech needed to have their best offensive game and that didn’t happen today. There’s no shame in that. Fun fact: Villanova shot 33% for the game and 17% from the three-point line. Texas Tech played frickin’ fantastic defense. They were incredible.
  5. This has been the best ride of my life. I grew up a basketball fan more than football or baseball and having Texas Tech be a part of something this special has been incredibly close to my heart. This has been fun as heck and I’m not begrudging anything. The nod to the seniors to pull them out at the end of the game was some thing special and I hope that Beard never tells anyone what he told them.
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