Texas Tech Football Frisco Scrimmage: Highlights and Kingsbury Non-Transcript

Hear what head coach Kliff Kingsbury had to say, plus highlights from the scrimmage.

This was hurriedly done and I don’t think this is my normal quality, but I think I got the sentiment. I didn’t transcript the two Make-A-Wish players, but they are cute kids for sure and the highlights of their touchdowns are at the end. That’s a pretty nice tradition to have.

Kliff Kingsbury:

[On Dalton Rigdon] Really fast, athletic tough, he has a track background, he doesn’t get tired, no matter, he’s got a chance to help us.

[What he thought of the defense] I think just a lot of confidence from last year, you see that development. It’s exciting to see the culture develop from last year to this year. It’s aggressive play and defense and we want to lead the Big 12 in takeaways again this year.

[Any reason why McLane Carter started?] Jett started the last scrimmage, there’s noting more to it than that.

[What the quarterback needs to do to take the lead?] Just consistencey day-in-day-out, protecting the football and leadership qualities, but you need to fake-it-till you make it, but the team needs to believe in you and the sideline needs to believe that you’re the guy.

[Being young at the skill position] Yeah, lukcky we have the five guys at offensive line coming back and two really good running backs, lean heavily on those guys, I like our skill and they are young and they are going to get a great opportunity and see who steps ups.

[What Carter brings] Both are athletic, can do things that we didn’t do last year. They both need reps, they are both good players, we just need to get them reps.

[Running Antoine Wesley at wide receiver] We just wanted to see if we could get our best four out there, now it gets us two big guys outside, he’s done a nice job stepping up and playing out there.

[How Carter performed] I think he’s matured a lot, last year was moving really fast for him, he was able to make some plays, but then things started moving really fast. This year his operation is much improved, still need to be more consistent in throwing mechanics, see how he works this summer.

[How Alan Bowman performed] He’s made good progress, for a guy who should be in high school. The moment is not too big for him, we’ll take this thing through the summer and fall camp. That’s my thought process, want to see these guys work through spring and fall camp.

[Status of Da’Leon Ward] He tweaked a groin, I liked what I saw from him all spring, I just wanted to be precautionary.

[On the offensive line] Coach Jones with those five guys returning, they’ve really bonded, there is great chemistry, we didn’t have Jack todaay, but he should be back next week.

[On Xavier Martin] He’s been out all spring, he had a groin issue as well, he needs to develop, this ummer he’s going to have to work hard to catch up.

[Anderson’s injury] Just precautionary.

[Two Make-A-Wish players] That was awesome, they came full pads and ready to go, they had more energy than I did, it was great to work with them and great for our players work with them. They ran around and did it the whole team and we love to have them be aprt of it.

[On the blocking backs] They’ve gotten better, with us running the football, they are going to be a big part of the offense, Tyler Carr, I like his mindset, he’s still young and hast to develp, Donta has found a nice role for him, Mason Reed has to be physical in the run game like Carr. Really just toughness, he stuck his nose in there every day, he has to keep developing, he has to be a physical player for us.

[What it means to have this game in Frisco] It’s incredible to have 300 recruits in the stands and watch your prodcuct and have your alumni base show up in droves when we show up in this area, and then the recruits get this, also new players get to see the travel process and new environment and get to play in front of a bunch of people.

I tihnk it’s a bit of everything, you check a lot of boxes and show recruits show your product and bing the product to an incredible alumni base, the travel process and seeng how gys react, you hit a lot of areas with this game.



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