Who’s Got the Over? Who’s Got the Under? 5.5 Wins

Brad Powers, the lead college football analyst for Pregame.com (this is a sports betting website, which as of this writing is still illegal to bet on games outside the state of Nevada, although I think that may change with the Supreme Court decision coming up). In any event, Vegas has the projected win totals out for the Big 12:

Lots of folks have predicted a 6 win season for Texas Tech and this is really in line with a lot of preseason predictions. As far as surprises are concerned, I’d be surprised if Oklahoma State can win 9 games given that they are replacing so much on offense and I’m almost equally surprised at the prediction of just 7 wins for West Virginia given how much they have returning on offense. I think (I haven’t started my preseason looks at each team) WVU lost a lot on defense, mainly transfers I think.

But as far as Texas Tech is concerned, I think this is the general thought, that this team is right on the edge of being good enough to get bowl eligible.

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