The Morning Stake | 2018.07.30

Leading Off

On Friday, I asked whether or not you all check out the Staking the Plains Facebook page, and I received some excellent responses from folks that there probably is a certain group of folks that do still check Staking The Plains from Facebook, although it seems as if Facebook has lost its luster with a lot of you. One of you asked how you can help me with promoting Staking The Plains, and these are my suggestions.

1. If you know of Red Raiders that want an option that they don’t have to pay for, then text your friends and let them know that STP is an option for them. We don’t break news, but we certainly have a really robust discussion on a handful of topics, sometimes led by you all. We’re not the only place and I’m totally good with that, but I love what we’ve done here.

2. I’ve always liked Twitter better than Facebook, although Twitter certainly has it’s problems too. It can be vitrolic and terrible, but it can also be a pretty easy place to check to see if we have a new post. We can be found here on Twitter and I’d really appreciate your follow. I try not to over-Tweet and I won’t beat you down with stuff from that account. I don’t post pictures of my kids, I do that personal Twitter account.

3. When you follow STP on Twitter, you can also click that bell with the plus sign and that will alert you when we post something.

4. Sharing our stuff is always appreciated and the best way to spread the word. Retweeting and sharing on Facebook do make a difference. Following us on those sites make a difference too.

5. Another way to help out is to advertise if that’s something that interests you. You can always email me at and I can provide rates if that’s something that’s interesting to you.

Texas Tech Volleyball

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Basketball

Texas Tech Football

Practice starts this week, so rather than just content, like the videos below, we should actually start to see some news.



Houston. I’ll be there with Dan and Brian.

Via the Chargers official site, Dylan Cantrell is making a moves at training camp:

After minicamp ended, Wide Receivers Coach Phil McGeoghan mentioned Cantrell had the most reps of any receiver during the spring. According to Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn, that work the wideout put in during OTAs is showing right now.

β€œOut of all the receivers, he probably improved the most this offseason,” Lynn said. β€œHe started out slow but got better each and every day. That’s kind of how this camp is going so far. Yesterday, he started out a little slow. Today, he looked a little better.”

LandGrant Gauntlet’s Josh Cowan ranks the quarterback situation in the Big 12 and has Texas Tech ranked 9th overall, mostly due to the uncertainty at the quarterback situation.

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