Previewing Games 1-6, Lubbock News, & Listener Questions – 026

We pilot our new recording setup in the 23 Personnel Podcast North HQ. With a little bit of an extended intro (emphasis on extended), we touch on the Reagor Dykes scandal, as well as the 2018-2019 Tech Basketball non conference schedule.

Ole Miss preview and prediction – 24:42

Lamar preview and prediction – 37:36

Houston preview and prediction – 39:29

Oklahoma State preview and prediction – 46:10

West Virginia preview and prediction – 52:39

TCU preview and prediction – 1:02:32

Listener questions included hypotheticals on how many wins we would require before wanting to sign an extension with Kingsbury; updated betting odds on who the starting QB may be; Ed Oliver vs TTU OL, take 2; our signature fashion as head coaches; and who we might want to replace Kingsbury if/when it came to it.

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