Eats & Bounds: Lubbock Concerts, Events, & TTU Sports – 9/06/18

Lamar is coming all the way from Beaumont for this week’s game after manhandling the Kentucky Christian Knights 70-7. Texas Tech will need to put a convincing win in the books for their home season opener. This would include a few things:

  • Punting beyond the line of scrimmage or, better yet, no punting
  • Limiting 65 yard rushing touchdowns
  • Limiting kickoff returns for touchdowns
  • Limiting killer penalties on 3rd down
  • Getting the ball to this guy

I think all of us will be interested to see if Duffey makes it out on the field. The QB position has been a question-mark all offseason, and with Carter’s injury, it looks like it will continue through most of the regular season.


Saturday night was date night, and we tried King Street Pub, one of Lubbock’s newest restaurants. King Street Pub refers to itself as “Tex-eclectic fare with Victorian flair”. The moment you walk in, you are surrounded by Victorian era decor and are greeted with cocktails and menu items named after Jack the Ripper and Charles Dickens. My favorite name, however, was a margarita called “The Lonesome Dove” which packed a punch by including black pepper and a roasted jalapeno.

For our entrees, my wife went with the aged Sir Lubbock steak. I chose the Christmas Chicken Fried Steak, which was topped with green chile gravy on one side and red chile gravy on the other. I almost went for the Dark Night, a “16 oz. Chile-rubbed ribeye, with molé drizzle, & red chile mashers”. Both of our entrees exceeded our expectations and our appetites. I had the pleasure of finishing that chicken fry during halftime of the Ole Miss game, which gave me a bit of solace.

Sure, we have only been once, but we may have found a new favorite date night spot in King Street Pub. If you haven’t tried it, the West Table is also highly recommended (loved their chimichurri flank steak), especially now that they are next door to The Brewery LBK and offer their beer on tap (try ’em all, especially the Chilton Witbier). And, as always, Crafthouse gets thrown in the mix with a menu that changes each season, fair prices, and perhaps the best craft beer drafts in town.


Checkout this weekend’s sights and sounds:

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