Eats & Bounds: Lubbock Concerts, Events, & TTU Sports – 9/13/18

For reference, I’ve included the Keys to the Game listed in last week’s post.

  • Punting beyond the line of scrimmage or, better yet, no punting
  • Limiting 65 yard rushing touchdowns
  • Limiting kickoff returns for touchdowns
  • Limiting killer penalties on 3rd down
  • Getting the ball to this guy

Congratulations to our guys for taking this stellar advice to heart. Aside from the penalties, which I think were mostly committed by backups in the second half, all of these can be checked off. Houston will be a much bigger test. I do feel more at ease with Bowman at the helm. It helps to be “the guy” leading up to game day, and aside from a few hiccups on the first two drives, he played very well.

On the other hand, I saw enough from Duffey to be confident in whoever Kingsbury trots out there. I’m glad that decision isn’t up to me.

We should discuss our favorite fourth-string QB a bit, though. His name is almost as cool as his lone pass that went for a late touchdown. Colt Garrett is a name you can trust, one that makes me wish the NCAA allowed players to make money on the side off of their likeness. Who wouldn’t buy some Colt Garrett Shaving Cream? Perhaps I could interest you in a sixer of Colt Garrett Hard Cider?


There is no such thing as “too many pork tenderloins.” However, we did find ourselves in a situation where we needed to cook two before things got a little ripe. We conducted an experiment.

One of the tenderloins was marinated in a Parmesan garlic wing sauce we had on hand and placed in a one-gallon Ziploc bag. The other was seasoned with one of my newer favorite rubs, Sweet Money, and then wrapped with cling wrap. Both were placed in the fridge for about 20 hours before they were placed on the smoker at 250 deg F.

The dry-seasoned tenderloin cooked about 30 minutes faster. When it came time for the taste test, I think the dry-seasoned version had move flavor. The marinated pork was juicier, but came out a little bland for my liking.

There are more seasoned (pun intended) cooks reading this than me. Why did these two methods cook so differently and have contrasting results? I’ll hang up and listen.


Checkout this weekend’s sights and sounds:

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