Weekly Conversation: Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State

The mermaid and Australia, both definitely a hoax.

Last Week’s Game

Seth: Well, we were wrong about how the Houston have turned out. The offense was humming and Bowman appears to be making pretty good strides. From a purely fun standpoint, this sorta felt like a game back in the day and that was fun to think about.

Travis: I was wrong in so many ways about that game and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t have much hope that Tech could win and then after the muffed punt I basically waved the white flag and gave up. I tweeted something about how they were sure to lose and someone, rightfully, called me out on it. It was so great to see the team fight through the adversity and succeed.

And Bowman, wow. I still don’t know how he completes some of those rainbows, but there seems to be enough separation from the DB’s that they fall in. Then we began to wonder if he could throw a deep ball, and he dropped in a couple of beauties. Just amazing.

Suburban Gangsters

Travis: So late one night a couple of years ago I was flipping through the channels and came across a compelling documentary about the discovery of a mermaid body. It blew me away. I couldn’t wait to tell Kristin and Claire about it the next morning. Well, turns out it was fake.

Anyhow, I was flipping through Netflix a few nights ago and came across a compelling documentary about how the moon landing is fake. I viewed it skeptically at first, but man, some of the stuff in there has me thinking. Like, fifty years ago we had to hand crank our car windows but yet somehow we had the technology to land a capsule on the moon AND bring it safely back to earth? This was fifty years ago. Why haven’t we gone back?

And our nuclear plants have 10 foot walls of steel and concrete to protect from radiation, but these guys flew with suits and capsules essentially made from heavy duty aluminum foil and not one of them has ever gotten sick from the exposure? I don’t know. I’m usually even keeled but I’m pretty sure the moon landing was filmed inside a studio at Area 51.

What about you? Are there any conspiracy theories out there that you could get behind?

Seth: Since I don’t really participate with a lot of things on the TV, my conspiracy theory meter is probably pretty low in that I am simply not consuming them. There are a couple that entertain me, but I don’t believe them (or do I?) which is the conspiracy theory that Stevie Wonder is actually sighted, since he goes to NBA games and caught that microphone stand one time and some other things.

The other one is that the flat-earthers believe that Australia is not real and pilots, scientists and everyone else involved have created this hoax that Australia is pure fiction. Pilots take you to an entirely different island (not sure what that is) and where they take you is somewhere in South America.

“Apparently, all Australians are “computer generated” or “actors”. When you fly to Australia, you’re actually being taken to different islands near “South America”. Allegedly, Australia is “just a cover-up” as Britain never actually took their criminals there. They just dumped them all in the sea.”

Travis: I always knew there was something fishy about Australia.

The Best Thing Ever

Seth: We had a great talk about Fitsum last week and I thought I’d highlight what’s probably his favorite show, it’s called Craig of the Creek and it’s about this African American boy, Craig, and his two friends, Kelsey (a girl) and JP (a boy who), and they go on this very kid-driven adventures, like going into the sewer and finding another gang of kids who hang out there, and another kid that is the king of a junkyard. Both Fits and Yo have a lot of fun watching it, it’s sort of your childhood adventures, but amped up a bit. Good times.

Travis: So my best thing ever this week is a picture I came across on twitter. There’s this guy I follow named David Burge. He’s from Iowa but relocated to Austin a year or so ago. He’s got a large following and is pretty entertaining. Anyway, he tweeted somet advice a month or two ago about changing your Twitter habits and finding accounts to follow that are more interesting and less divisive or depressing. I’ve been trying to follow that advice and it works pretty well. I started following some art and cinema accounts and one account I started following sends out classic or famous paintings. This one called “The Art of Conversation,” by Rene Migrette reminds me, for some reason, of these weekly convos.

The Art of Conversation by Rene Migrette

Seth: Yes, that’s us, floating in the air in bowlers talking into space. Another pretty fun historical follow is Paul M. Cooper.

Random Top Five

Seth: Your top 5 cartoons you watched when you were a kid.

1. Pinky and the Brain
2. Animaniacs
3. G Force
4. Transformers
5. G.I. Joe (I originally had Batman here, but Travis reminded me about Cobra Commander and that was much more popular in my youth)


1. He Man
2. Inspector Gadget
3. Transformers
4. Deputy Dog
5. G.I. Joe

This Week’s Game

Seth: With this week’s game it appears that almost everyone is counting Texas Tech out. Vegas has Oklahoma State as a 13 point favorite, the advanced stats say that this is a 21 point win. But what if this is one of those really resilient? What if this team is the team we’ve been waiting on for the better part of a decade. That’s what stuck with me through the Houston game is that this team just sorta kept going. They were down and came back and took the lead and looked great in a 2 minute offense and eventually was up 3 touchdowns on Houston and could afford to just let Houston score a touchdown because they had kicked so much ass already.

What do you think this team is and how well do you think this team will fare in Stillwater?

Travis: It’s still difficult for me to get fully onboard, particularly since this game is in Stillwater. Gundy has done such a great job building an identity up there and they seem to be a good, fundamentally sound yet explosive team every single year.
However, it doesn’t take much to talk me into believing in the potential of this team. After all, it was only a few weeks ago that we were all saying the strength of this team would be on the defensive side of the ball. If the tables are suddenly turned and the offense can churn out 40 points and the D can get a few stops, who knows?

Game Predictions

Seth: I’m picking Oklahoma State to win, but Texas Tech to cover, something like 45-42

Travis: As far as predictions, I’m gonna stick with the horse I rode in on. Don’t kick any field goals and let’s see what happens.


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