Staff & Community Predictions: Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State

Let’s pick.

I made the staff SB use the current Oklahoma State -14 point spread because that seems to be the consensus. So you all are stuck with that as well.

Staff Predictions

Dan Swany
Straight Up (2-1): Oklahoma State
Against the Spread (2-1): Oklahoma State
Commentary: I hate to have to pick against Tech for the first time all season, yet I cannot overcome the history we have in Stillwater. The Cowboys are going to start off with some early scores, and we will not be able to catch back up. Bowman throws a few nice TDs, but we will not click the way we had been on offense. The defense will give up some big yards, and our special teams will struggle. Taz Henry might have a few nice rushes. Let’s tough through this one, and look to move on. Hope I’m wrong. Wreck ‘em!!!

Straight Up (2-1): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (2-1): Texas Tech
Commentary: Texas Tech has an opportunity to turn a corner here, and I think this team is poised to do it. Taylor Cornelius struggles with the deep ball and earlier in the season struggled with turnovers. He also has some sneaky speed that gives him around 50 yards rushing a game. So the Tech secondary has an opportunity to redeem themselves and Dakota Allen has Cornelius and Justice Hill to make beautiful open-field tackles on. I think the Tech offensive line neutralizes the inflated sack numbers and the defensive front seven are going to get after Cornelius and bottle him up, forcing bad throws, which David Gibbs should be salivating over. Alan Bowman wins more awards, Tech wins, and the world becomes a better place.

Straight Up (2-1): Oklahoma State
Against the Spread (2-1): Oklahoma State
Commentary: I don’t like my pick, either. OSU’s offense is capable of producing in the air and on the ground, and I still don’t feel confident with Texas Tech’s pass coverage. While I think our offense will be able to move the ball and that OSU’s sack numbers are inflated, losing to OSU by 14 or more doesn’t sound out of the question when the team that beat you by 20 just lost 62-7 at home.

Michael LaBarre
Straight Up (3-0): Oklahoma State
Against the Spread (3-0): Texas Tech
Commentary: Shoutout to Brain DonCarlos and myself for being undefeated thus far. I’m only saying that because this game is by far the hardest to predict thus far, so chances are I may be wrong. Much like the first week, the Cowboys have a plethora of wide receivers to throw at the Red Raiders secondary. With Morgan and Johnson sidelined, Fields is the only defensive back I remotely trust. Also, this is Alan Bowman’s first true road game, so I expect from jitters. That being said, Texas Tech has played Oklahoma State close the past couple years and could’ve won both games. They were also head to head before the defensive fell apart in 2015. Oklahoma State wins, but Tech keeps it within 14 points.
*They were also neck in neck with them before the defense fell apart in 2015.

Straight Up (1-2): Oklahoma State
Against the Spread (0-3): Texas Tech
Commentary: If the streak is going to be broken, this may be the year Tech has a great shot at it. Weather may be a concern, but I think the biggest matchup to watch will be the Tech offensive line vs the OSU D line. We have seen the Pokes defense control games with their D line this season, but the strength of the Tech offense may just the line. If Tech can protect Bowman and open up some space to run, I think the defense may be able to hold the Cowboy offense just enough for Tech to make the upset.

Straight Up (3-0): Oklahoma State
Against the Spread (3-0): Oklahoma State
Commentary: The jerks in Vegas made this line 14 on the dot, which is what I was going to predict for the final margin. We’ll see if the weather will play a factor, but the forecast has calmed down. Cornelius isn’t afraid to run it, but I feel better about containing QB’s with Allen at LB. However, they can throw it just enough & definitely pound it with Hill, and I don’t see Tech being able to stop that without significant help by grabbing turnovers. Plus I think the OSU defense is legit, and we haven’t won in Stillwater since 2001. I’m primed for you to show me something, Tech, but I can’t give you the benefit of the doubt against Okie State until you do.

Straight Up (2-1): Oklahoma State
Against the Spread (1-2): Texas Tech
Commentary: I’ve been burned too many years thinking that Texas Tech is ready to get over the hump and I don’t think that happens this year. I don’t think that Oklahoma State is as good as advertised, but the Texas Tech defense still has a long ways to go and I don’t know that Bowman is ready for a road shootout. I’d love to be wrong, but I think that’s a tall task.

Community Predictions (2-1)

You did great last week! And yes, I understand that if you all end up picking Texas Tech with either option, that I’ll give you a win, I just want to know how big of a homer you actually are.

Predict the outcome of the Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State game.

Texas Tech, by 3 or more.
Texas Tech, by 2 or less.
Oklahoma State, by 15 or more.
Oklahoma State, by 14 or less.
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