Eats & Bounds: Lubbock Concerts, Events, & TTU Sports – 9/27/18

Texas Tech got the 17 year-old monkey off of their back in Stillwater and opened up a proverbial can in the process. I was surprised, to say the least. In our weekly prediction post, I even picked OSU to cover the now ridiculous looking 14 point spread.

It’s hard to remain a level-headed fan after such a dominating victory against a team and a mullet that has had your number for a decade. Part of me is ready to explode and declare that Texas Tech will play for the Big 12 Championship, but then I remember WVU is headed to town on Saturday. This game will tell us all a lot and I’m warning you right now: if Tech comes away with a sound victory, I’m bound to become the annoying sunshine pumping guy until it all comes crashing down. I haven’t been that guy since Tech went 7-0 in 2013, so I’m due.


Three of my best buds are coming to town and we are going to disown John Denver for those four hours at the game on Saturday.

Since I like to be a good host, I’ve decided to have a brisket ready on Friday evening when they get in to town. I tried a new method a few months ago that I learned from a Costco Traeger rep who happened to be seated next to us at Evie Mae’s on July Fourth (USA!).

What you gotta do is trim the brisket (I keep typing briskey by mistake – brisket whiskey? whiskey brisket? who knows). Render enough of the trimmings so that it will coat the meat side. Then, season the brisket (I use 50/50 salt & pepper) and allow about four hours for it to come to room temp before placing on the smoker.

I had some solid success with this method over the summer, so here’s hoping that it’ll work out one more again.


Checkout this weekend’s sights and sounds:

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