Weekly Conversation: West Virginia vs. Texas Tech

Last Week’s Game

Seth: Well, I’ve gone and done messed things up. I usually send my email to you when I’m at Youssouf’s soccer practice on Monday evening and his soccer practice was canceled because of the rain and I’m sick, which means I went to sleep around 7:30 last night. And to top it all off, we’re wrong, yet again, about what was going to happen against Oklahoma State and Kingsbury went and did the unthinkable and kicked some field goals. Let’s figure out a way to be wrong again this week.

Travis: I was wrong about the defense being able to contain OSU, I was wrong about Tech and Bowman being able to sustain their high level of play on offense, I was wrong about Kliff’s beard, I was wrong about Gundy’s mullet, hell I might have even been wrong about kicking a dang field goal. I frickin love being wrong.

Suburban Gangsters

Travis: And speaking of head hair, have you ever been able to sport a beard and/or a mullet? I’ve never been able to grow a beard (the hair won’t grow on the front of my chin so it looks a little weird whenever I try it. I did have a mean mullet back in ‘89 though.

Seth: I think I probably had a mullet, but I don’t have any of those old pictures here, probably around the same time that you did. I’ve always wanted to grow a beard, but have never pulled the trigger. I don’t think I’d have any problem with coverage, it would just be gray and brown, so I’d probably look even older than I do (I’m 44) because my hair is mostly gray at this point in my life.

And I was going to as about Cade and Cash, have they somewhat chosen the sports that they want to play? I’m sure that Claire has influenced them to a certain extent with basketball. And have either one of them asked about playing football? I know that Youssouf already says that he’s going to play football and I keep telling him that this won’t happen until he’s in high school (he’s in 1st grade now, so I’m going to be loving the next 9 years of him asking about it). If your kids want to play, are you going to let them? Are they even into sports that much? Getting Fitsum to do something other than play with Lego’s is like pulling teeth, but he and I are about to start running in the evening, starting with a mile and then working our way from there.

Travis: Cade really loves basketball but he hasn’t quite grasped the need to practice and get better. He’s 200% certain he’s going to the NBA and is just counting down the days until he can declare for the draft. I keep trying to get him to watch how hard his sister works but it’s not easy to hold his attention.

To make matters worse, he went out last Saturday morning and scored the first 9 points in the first basketball game he’s played in a year (we didn’t have him in a league this summer because we were on the road all the time with Claire). He made a couple of jumpers, behind the back dribbles and made an and 1. I told Kristin and Claire he’s gonna be insufferable from now on and think he never has to practice, but we’ll see. He’s got some potential so it’ll all come down to how hard he wants to work.

Cash is a tougher nut to crack. He’s starting to like basketball and really likes soccer, but his first love is money. He’s always trying to think of a way to make a few bucks. He wrote a comic book and is going to take copies to school this week to sell to his classmates (he sold one today for 50 cents to a boy sight unseen so I hope the kid is happy with his purchase). He also can’t wait for Christmas to come so he can go play his kazoo on the street corner and earn some tips. I’m dead serious. He practices his kazoo everyday.

I don’t think we’re going to let either play football. I absolutely love the sport but just don’t think it’s in the cards for them.

The Best Thing Ever

Seth: There’s been a lot of talk over the past few years about what you should carry in your pocket every day. Mine is pretty simple. I carry a wallet in my front pocket, a small knife, a small flashlight, chapstick and keys in the other pocket. In my wallet, I carry current school pictures of my kids and when someone asks to see pictures of my kids, I somewhat relish the thought of giving to them a picture that they can hold. I even take the time to cut them down so that they’re the same size as a credit card and they fit in there with everything else. I also keep a picture of my wife. I was able to compare 2016, 2017 and 2018 the other day and it was a fun little photo where you can actually see these kids get all growned up. So, the best thing ever for this week? School pictures.

Travis: So I’m writing this on Wednesday night while we’re all watching the season finale of Big Brother. Kristin and I have watched it every summer since it debuted 17 years ago and now the whole family is hooked. It’s just a fun, light, brainless way to spend summer evenings and we’re all hooked. For that reason, it’s my best thing this week.

Random Top Five

Travis: 1. History of the Eagles. I’ve never even been a fan of The Eagles musically, but that documentary is so well done. I could watch it 1000 times.

2. Last Chance U. Such a compelling series and I can’t wait for it to premier every summer.

3. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. It’s one of those rare things you watch that sticks in your head for days afterwards. It was so odd and disturbing, but in a way that makes you want to immerse yourself in his music for a few weeks and lose yourself in a strange mixture of melancholy and awe.

4. Inside Job. The financial crisis in 2008 hit me pretty hard (personally and professionally) so anything that close to home is compelling to me. Such an awful cluster f*** convergence of events.

5. The Perfect Shot. It’s a documentary about Dirk. I’m all in.


1. Given – A story through a boys eyes as a family travels across the world.
2. Virunga – Set in the Virunga National Park, Congo, a group of individuals risk their lives every day to save the mountain gorillas.
3. Life in a Walk – A father and a son walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain.
4. Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations & Parts Unknown – I know this isn’t really a documentary, but it was always my favorite show to watch. The most recent episode with W. Kamau Bell in Kenya was pretty special
5. Marcus Samuelsson – No Passport Required – Samuelsson is Ethiopia and he travels the US to visit different ethnic groups and all of the food they brought with them.

I have not watched The Perfect Shot and am thinking I may have my Mav Fan ID card revoked.

This Week’s Game

Seth: And please send me all of the wrong predictions that you can think for this week’s game. I think it’s a toss-up, and despite being four games into the season, I’m not exactly sure what Texas Tech is and I’m definitely not certain that I know what West Virginia is (simply because I have not watched any of their games and they’ve played 3 not so great opponents).

Travis: There’s no way we win this game. I doubt Bowman will even complete a pass and the defense will be like a revolving door. I bet we try to kick a hundred field goals and the Fox will shave Kingsbury’s beard at halftime.

Game Predictions

Seth: I’ll pick Texas Tech because I can feel the momentum of this thing and I think it’s real, something like 37-35.

Travis: It’s gonna be another brutal day, I can just feel it.

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