Staff & Community Predictions: Texas Tech vs. TCU

OddsShark has the current spread at TCU -7, but I decided to use -7.5 because a lot of the large books are using -7.5 and I just sorta liked that line a bit better.

Staff Predictions

Dan Swany
Straight Up (2-3): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (2-3): Texas Tech
Commentary: I have to go with the Red Raiders in this game, because I just cannot pick TCU over Texas Tech. The quarterback situation is concerning, and since we don’t know who will start… I think our stellar offense will put more points on the board than theirs. Our defense will get a few key stops to close out the game, and I’m calling a defensive touchdown in this one by us. Wreck ’em Tech!!!

Straight Up (3-2): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (3-2): Texas Tech
Commentary: I’m going to get a reputation as a homer, but I think the Red Raiders are going to win. This is a very winnable game for Tech, they outmatch the Horned Frogs at multiple positions this season and if David Gibbs’ defense can finally get the turnovers working, this is certainly a game to make that happen and see the fruits of their labor.

Straight Up (2-3): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (2-3): Texas Tech
Commentary: My record is terrible, but if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again (shoutout to parents with Trolls on repeat). In this case, I will take TTU’s 3rd string QB over TCU’s 2nd stringer. This could be a sloppy game with turnovers on both sides and more than your normal amount of punts. Where TTU likes to allow a lot of points early, TCU kinda forgets to score late (3 points in the 4th quarter in the last 3 games). TTU should have Vasher back on the field. I like Tech’s chances here.

Michael LaBarre
Straight Up (4-1): TCU
Against the Spread (5-0): Texas Tech
Commentary: Unfortunately I won’t be able to see most of this game, but I’m narrowly going with the Horn Frogs. Four out of the six Big 12 games against TCU were decided in the final five minutes, and three of them were won by 3 points or less, and two of those in overtime. This is the second time in Big 12 play and second time since 2004 when neither team was ranked. Tech won in the unranked matchup in 2016. However, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the QB for Tech (same for TCU, but I feel Robertson is starting) and Gary Patterson is a hell of a head coach. I had this as a lost originally in the schedule, and I almost want to pick Tech here, but Bowman may not play and Kingsbury doesn’t have the best road record when he’s not playing in Austin or Lawerence. I’ll probably get the spread or straight up prediction wrong this week.

Straight Up (1-4): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (1-4): Texas Tech
Commentary: I think we’ll see Duffey be effective enough to keep the offense moving and score enough points to get this win on the road. He will definitely need to be protective of the ball and take advantage of TCU giving you the ball. I feel confident this defense will continue to show its ability to slow down Big 12 offenses. I don’t know if it’ll be another second half shutout, but the offensive fire power for TCU may be contained enough to get the job done.

Straight Up (4-1): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (4-1): Texas Tech
Commentary: Believe it or not I was way more comfortable with this pick when I thought that Shawn Robinson would be starting. Tech has a talent for making back-up QB’s look like Heisman candidates, but I’m going to resist the urge to fold in. Tech always plays TCU well (save that one year we don’t talk about), and I called it during WVU that Tech will beat TCU. I’ll stand by it. Kingsbury & Johns will cook up some fun stuff to do with Jett, and the defense finds its footing sooner than normal.

Straight Up (2-3): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (2-3): Texas Tech
Commentary: I think Texas Tech wins a close one, something like 34-31. There will be times where the Texas Tech offense will struggle, but I’m more comfortable with what Kingsbury and Johns will do offensively than what Cumbie can do offensively, mainly because I think Cumbie is somewhat limited by his quarterback to an extent. The obvious big pink elephant in the room is how Texas Tech will deal with the TCU defense and I think this is Kingsbury’s biggest task during the off-week, which is to force Jett to live another day and an incompletion is much, much better than a negative play.

Community Predictions (3-2)

If you voted last week, please feel free to keep track of your own progress in the comments. I want to knwo if you are a gambling savant.

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