Texas Tech Hoops – Who is the Clutch Scorer?

After the first three games of the young season, we find it no surprise that Texas Tech has gone 3-0 against less than stellar opponents. We are watching a Red Raiders team that shows to be hot and cold on offense, yet a superior squad on the defensive side of the ball. The question we have had during the off-season was, who was going to step-up and be the “go to” guy to fill in this season for the loss of Keenan Evans?

Jarrett Culver was the answer from most of us, and during the first few games he has been getting his points with 16+ ppg. He is very smooth when getting his makes, though he seems to lack the aggression to create that open shot that you want to see in a clutch player. It’s there when he feels like driving, but we don’t see it all the time. Now, in fairness we have not been in a situation where we are relying on needing crucial scoring to win a game this season. Which is a good thing.

As the team loads up for the Hall of Fame Classic next week, it will be probably be time to call for clutch scoring. Check out the competition…

USC will be a very great game to watch on Monday and assess how our roster stacks up to healthy competition. We are favored to win, yet this will not be an easy game. Culver will be shadowed by the Trojans as being known as our best player, and that will leave the door open for others to step-up and be threats on the offensive end of the court.

Right now, I am still waiting for a breakout performance by Matt Mooney whom is my pick to be a clutch player on the roster to get scoring when it is needed. Another player that I have my eye on is Kyler Edwards. He seems to have a knack for getting buckets. There are some others on the roster who have shown they have the talent to get us points, but we are going to sit back and check-out who emerges as the scorers over this tournament.

Not getting ahead of ourselves, yet if we beat USC and find a way into the Championship game on Tuesday it is more than likely going to be against Nebraska. The Huskers have started the season on a tear, with wins over Mississippi Valley State 105-37 and SE Louisiana 87-35. Nebraska versus Texas Tech would be an even more significant test to me than USC, so I am hopeful for a victory on Monday over the Trojans.

Culver and company better bring their A-game to the Hall of Fame Classic in Kansas City this next week. Let’s take notes to see who step-up with the much needed scoring in these games. Who is your pick that you think steps-up this season and turns into our clutch scorer? Wreck ’em Tech!!!


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