Let’s Talk About Stats: Texas Tech vs. Kansas State

The numbers for the Red Raiders and the Wildcats.

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Texas Tech Offense vs. Kansas State Defense

Well, I told you all earlier that the Kansas State defense wasn’t really good and that is definitely true here. The Texas Tech offense has a serious advantage in most of the categories and I think the offense will score . . . so long as Texas Tech doesn’t turn the ball over. I maintain that if Texas Tech doesn’t turn the ball over against Texas, the Red Raiders win by 10. If’s and but’s, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I thought the offense was so good, Duffey included, and he sort of stopped himself.

Texas Tech Defense vs. Kansas State Offense

So the Texas Tech defense is slightly better than the Kansas Sate offense and that’s not something that I get to type very often. That’s a testament to how poorly the Kansas State offense has been this year.

Other Stats

College Football Analytics: Texas Tech is ranked 32nd overall and the Wildcats is ranked 94th overall. The projections have Texas Tech with a 58% chance of winning this game and Texas Tech has a 58% chance of beating Baylor. You’ll note that these percentages are much different than ESPN’s FPI projections, so maybe your confidence in winning these games should be somewhere in the middle.

FEI College Football Ratings: Texas Tech is ranked 40th overall, while the Wildcats are ranked 97th.

ESPN’s Football Power Index: Despite the past three losses, Texas Tech is still ranked 23rd, so the stats say that this Texas Tech team is still very good. The Wildcats are 69th. The FPI says that Texas Tech has a 75% chance of winning this game and a 79% chance of winning the Baylor game.

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