WATCH: Matt Wells Mic’d Up on Signing Day

Texas Tech head coach Matt Wells was mic’d up on signing day and I had a few observations:

  • Look at that desk. Papers scattered a bit, the first few weeks on the job and I’m guessing that Wells has spent little to no time in his office. The bookshelves are completely empty.
  • Tommy McVay forever.
  • We haven’t seen a behind the scenes in a few years and the staff was obviously prepared. There are exactly 11 magnetic profiles of the players. There were no surprises, either good or bad.
  • The two guys in the back are Matt Dowdy and Logan Hawk. Dowdy is the communications director for Texas Tech football and Hawk is the assistant director of social media and basically makes things look awesome.
  • I think the personal interaction with the players is an interesting thing and he knows these guys and when he talks, he’s part dad, part coach. He’s proud of these players for being where they are, but also for what they’ve accomplished. This only works if there’s some sincerity behind it and we don’t know that just yet, but I don’t think you get to this spot without being sincere.
  • Wells is pretty pumped about watching Texas Tech basketball and I hope he’s a staple at the games and it’s not a one-off situation. I’m actually surprised that we don’t see more coaches at the sporting events, or maybe they are there, but we just don’t know. Anyway, I’d love to see Wells at the baseball and basketball games, Tadlock at the basketball games, Beard at the baseball games. That would be a ton of fun to see more support that way.

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