The Morning Stake | 2019.02.08

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Definitely Not More Time. Yesterday I wrote that I thought I’d have more time this morning and I was wrong and this ended up not being true at all. So very wrong. I’m running behind. It’s 5:17 a.m. and I’m just now starting this. I do have nearly 2,700 words on more recruiting stuff coming up, so there will be an opportunity for yelling this morning.

The Bicycle Thief. Chicago Magazine’s Steven Leckart has a fantastic long read about an Olympic hopeful that ended up robbing banks and escaping on his bicycle.

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Fireside Chat. One of the better ones yet.

Big 12 Race. Yesterday it was reported that Kansas senior Lagerald Vick will take a leave of absence and if there was ever a year to win the Big 12, this is it. SI’s Michael Shapiro looks at who can win the Big 12 (the Vick news had not been revealed when this was posted) and Texas Tech is in the mix, but Kansas State is the leader in the clubhouse:

With a window for the four-loss Jayhawks, can Texas Tech leap into the conference lead? There’s reason for skepticism. The Red Raiders struggled mightily in their last two road matchups, losing to Kansas by 16 and Kansas State by 13. They put up just 45 points in the loss to Kansas State on Jan. 22, going 5 for 23 from three. A chance at revenge against the Jayhawks will be critical in two weeks. Maybe Texas Tech takes the war for the conference championship to the final day of the season, but it will still face an uphill battle. Expect Ames to be hostile if the Big 12 title is on the line on March 9.

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NFL Combine.

Not Sure When You Should Eat, But You’ll Need a Shower. Deadspin’s Jessica Luther and Dan Solomon write extensively about how Baylor happened and this is a very long read and very detailed and if you ever wanted to know why Art Briles should never be in charge of young men ever again, then please read this:

Being at Baylor was an ideal set-up for what Briles was building: He was in a quiet town where stories like Ukwuachu could somehow end up buried; his university’s Christian reputation gave him the chance to present his decision to present his recruits as a righteous quest for redemption; the atmosphere at Baylor led the young, Christian women to stay quiet if they found themselves becoming victims. He was able, for years, to keep what was happening under the surface contained. His players could be accused of beating their girlfriends, and the girlfriends would leave town. His players could be accused of gang-rapes of female Baylor students, and he’d be permitted to question why they were around the players he brought to their campus.

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