Open Thread | 2019.03.13

Well, we did Disneyland yesterday and it was pretty great. We did enough reading to figure out the FastPass stuff and that saved us a bunch of time. I thought the best ride was the StarTours ride and the Indiana Jones was pretty terrific too. We stayed for the parade that started at 6:00 p.m. and that was a pretty terrific topper to the evening. My kids, 7 and 9, were both waving at the characters and you realize how powerful Disney is to a kid. Pretty terrific stuff.

Today, we’re relaxing and we leave to go home on Thursday. I’ll make sure and have a basketball preview, one way or another for the Tournament and I know Dan is going to be helping with Big 12 stuff as well.

EDIT: I buried the lede here. I met Graham Harrell on the Jungle Cruise. He was with his family and he was all decked out in USC clothes. I shook his hand, introduced him to my boys and thank goodness we were all wearing Texas Tech shirts (Fitsum was actually wearing a non-Texas Tech shirt, but I guess I had a premonition and had him change shirts this morning). I didn’t beat him down and ask for a photo or anything like that. My dad talked to his wife quite a bit, who is an Aggie (as is my dad) and she’s from Tyler, which is where my dad got his start as a golf course superintendent, at Willowbrook.


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