Basketball Conference Tournament Prep | 23 Personnel Podcast – 083


Appetizers as entrees

Paradise French Fries Update from Brian: pulled pork and chicken nuggets


1-0 this week; 9 game win streak; 26-5, 14-4 – BIG 12 CHAMPS


  • Spring break


  • 2-0 in San Diego
    • Notes from Dinger Derby pod:
      • New Nickname – Bam Bam O’Tremba
      • Played 10 pitchers in Game 2
      • Neuse – leading red raiders in batting average, slugging percentage, and on base percentage, 6 multi-RBI games, tied for most home runs (3)
  • 3-0 sweep at home against Wichita State
  • Texas Series starts Friday in Austin


TTU Softball Stan Account @B_DonCarlos
Out of the entire Full House cast, did you think it would be Aunt Becky that got nailed by the feds first?

Going Yard


What we learned

Upgrading five generations in the smart phone world is quite the leap and I now know what it costs to have a doctor remove a bead from your toddler’s nose.



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