Open Thread | 2019.03.15

Well, I’m back on Texas soil, arrived home yesterday afternoon and it was one heck of a trip. We relaxed the last day, going to the beach, taking a few walks around Encinitas the town, and finishing with fish tacos and a beer or two.

I did get to watch last night’s game and everything is okay. What Bob Huggins did was pretty danged smart, send a big wing backside to crash the board every single time. It was something he picked up, something I had not, and good for him. He’s a terrific coach and there are times that I think that Beard offers an incredible tactical advantage, but coaches who coach do the same thing. The good thing is that the issue is correctable.

What happens next is that the players get an earful before the NCAA Tournament and that may not be such a bad thing. Plus, they get some rest and maybe, more importantly, they get to stew on the loss. The coaches get to look for the same thing in the future opponents that Huggins found in Texas Tech. The sky is not falling.

I will have a baseball series thread going up at noon today.


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