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The Morning Stake | 2019.11.13

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A Eulogy for the Mix CD, the Best Way to Tell Someone ‘I Like You’. Via Vice:

I must have made dozens of mix CDs over the years, if not hundreds. I burned them for my friends. I burned them for my cousins. I stayed up all night with my brother one Christmas Eve burning a half dozen of them for my dad, so he’d have something new to play on the six-CD changer in his car. A mix CD helped me win over my first serious girlfriend in high school; I burned more of them for her than anyone. I can chart our relationship by those mixes, by the way the songs moved from lovestruck anthems at the outsetβ€””Adorable One” by Lee Moses, “The Man in Me” by Bob Dylanβ€”to ballads about heartbreak as things began to fall apart: “Blues Run the Game” by Jackson C. Frank, “Hard to Find” by The National.

I made my last mix CD in 2014; it, too, was for her. I still have trouble listening to those 21 songs, songs I used to try to explain why I had to leave our hometown, to tell her that I missed her, to show her that I still loved her, all of them sequenced just so, chosen with more care and attention than I had given to any of my schoolwork that semester. I burned them onto a disc, mailed it to her house in Atlanta, and never made another mix CD again.

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Pass Defense. Avalanche-Journal’s Don Williams writes about the pass defense, or lack thereof:

So whereas defensive coordinator Keith Patterson had to be pleased by Tech blunting five West Virginia possessions inside the plus-30 with three turnovers on downs, an interception and a fumble recovery, the Red Raiders failed to stem the tide of big-play passes.

β€œThe thing that was probably most discouraging is the vertical passing game,” Patterson said. β€œWe’ve just got to fix it. To me, it’s technical. It’s fundamentals. It’s putting yourself in position to be sound vertically.

β€œIt’ll be a major emphasis this week as it was last week.”


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