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The Morning Stake | 2020.06.11

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If you’ve ever wondered what Jonathan Kuminga would bring to Texas Tech, this is as thorough of a breakdown as I’ve seen. Uproxx’s Brian Schroeder on what Kuminga brings as a player:

The real question with Kuminga as he goes forward is how his in-between game can develop. It’s hard to really evaluate him properly as a high school talent, because he either gets to the rim and scores or he doesn’t and shoots a questionable pull-up. Off ball, he’s a fairly capable shooter, but the difference between stars and role players in the NBA is often self-creation (i.e., the difference between Kawhi Leonard in 2012 and Kawhi Leonard in 2019). He’s not challenged enough by any single defender — unsurprising given he is bigger, stronger, and more athletic than everyone in his age group — to get a real feel for how skilled of an isolation player he is or could be.

Maybe my favorite part is later in the article where it is noted what Texas Tech is noted for:

Texas Tech is renowned for its physical development of its players

Again, assuming that he can do this, I think Kuminga goes the G-League route, but I’m okay with that.

Dave Campbell released their All-Texas team, which consists of all Texas college players. Austin McNamara was the best special teams player in the state, while guard Jack Anderson, center Dawson Deaton, and defensive end Eli Howard all make the first team along with McNamara. Running back SaRodorick Thompson, wide receiver Erik Ezukanma, and cornerback Adrian Frye make the second team.

That’s 7 players picked overall, which isn’t bad at all.

CBS Sports’ Tom Fornelli rated the strength of schedules for Big 12 teams and has Texas Tech 7th overall:

This is a soft noncon slate. The season will open with a game at UTEP before the home-opener against Alabama State. Then it’s a home date with an Arizona program that’s taken a significant step backward in my ratings each of the last two seasons. I don’t like the way Tech’s Big 12 schedule sets up, either. They get Texas and Oklahoma at home, but odds aren’t in favor of the Raiders winning those games anywhere. Meanwhile, more “winnable” games like those against Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Kansas State and TCU are all on the road. Overall: 14.61% | Big 12: -3.21%

Rivals’ Eric Bossi writes about the top player for the 12 best teams and here is the pick for Texas Tech, Daimion Collins (6-9/205) a power forward from Atlanta, Georgia:

Why he’s a must-get: In a perfect world, the Red Raiders would add Jonathan Kuminga, but if they can get him, it’s more likely to happen with him being a 2020 recruit. Also, looking at their roster, there really isn’t anybody who stands out as a true “must-get” type. But, given the surplus of athletic and versatile guards and wings that they should still have in Lubbock a year from now, a guy like Collins makes a lot of sense and fits well. He runs the floor, rebounds, blocks shots and is a freak athlete.

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