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The Morning Stake | 2020.10.19

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Hot take time. I’m declaring war on hoodies. Hoodies of all kind. Zippered hoodies and hoodies that you put over your head. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that adults really don’t ever wear a hood. It’s extra UNNECESSARY fabric that’s just weighing you down. You know what’s better? Just a normal sweatshirt. No extra fabric. When you get into the couch, you don’t have to adjust that fabric when you are trying to rest your head. You just lay down.

I will say that hoodies for kids are fine. I am not declaring war on the children. My kids love to wear hoodies and they like it so I’m fine with it if you use it, but I can’t remember the last time I saw an adult with a sweatshirt hoodie over their head in an attempt to stay warm. Most people wear something on their head if they need to stay warm.

A hood on a rain jacket? Totally fine and people use this to keep rain off of you. Hood on a parka? Yeah, that keeps you warm and have seen people use.

Join the revolution. Just wear a sweatshirt instead.

The soccer team is really struggling and I’m not smart enough to know why. Tom Stone has been one of the more consistent and excellent coaches for Texas Tech since I’ve been blogging. Texas Tech lost to TCU 0-2 on Friday, but the Horned Frogs are No. 6 in the nation. These ladies have played #9 Kansas, #9 West Virginia, and #6 TCU (KU and WVU were probably ranked at those points as it was a few weeks apart) and still have #8 Oklahoma State at the end of the month. So part of the issue is that they are playing tough teams, but don’t have any wins thus far this year, 0-3-2.

The volleyball team hosted #2 Baylor over the weekend, losing both matches, first match 2-3 and the second match 0-3. Losing to the #2 team in the nation isn’t a huge problem for me. The ladies will be in Austin to take on Texas this weekend.

On Friday afternoon, Texas Tech announced the hiring of Sami Ward as the new head coach. Ward was previously at Loyola Marymount where she led the Lions to a 138-109 record over the past 5 years and was the WCC coach of the year in 2016, 2018, and 2019, culminating in two National Invitational Softball Championships appearances in 2018 and 2019.

This is a really sweet story, via KCBD regarding Xavier Martin (who they say is a defensive end, but is really a safety) who helped organized a shoe drive to donate to 19-year-old Ceci Schroeder who is collecting shoes in order to raise funds to afford herself a service dog:

Schroeder said she’s thankful for the Red Raider Football Team for their donation, and she was really excited to meet Martin.

“There for about five seconds. I was totally fangirling. ‘Can I get a picture?’ Of course, who wouldn’t?” Schroeder said.

“I didn’t know that she was actually coming, so whenever I saw her that made me happy that she seemed really excited,” Martin said. “She showed me her dog that she was getting. It meant a lot. I liked seeing the smile on her face.”

MiLB’s Tyler Maun does a deep dive into the Texas Rangers’ system and former Red Raider baseballer gets some high praise:

“I think his summer’s been tremendous and him actually getting to play against another team now here in instructional league has helped that,” Kruger said. “Josh is a special player. The talent speaks for itself. His drive to be as good of a player as he can possibly be is second to none. … We know all of his skills, his tools – but the best thing that we’ve taken from this is his ability to be a communicator, to be a leader with his younger peers. I think with the players here in instructional league, taking some of the things that he knows has been really, really beneficial. I think those are the things that, when you’re just around him for a short period of time, you don’t realize. But his ability to take action and put them into play, to take what we’re saying in classrooms and help some of his peers out and really take his game and his team’s game to another level, that’s what’s going to make him, we think, a potential long-term player for us in this organization.”

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