Texas Tech Football: Post-Scrimmage Presser

It was the best and worst of times.

Yeah! We’ve got a short post-practice video with head coach Matt Wells, a shade over 5 minutes. This is a non-transcript, so not actual quotes, but because it was so short, I tried to be a bit more accurate than normal.

Head Coach Matt Wells: I thought it was good back and forth, a little sloppy in the beginning, some pre-snap penalties, kicking penalties against the scout team, but not really worried about that. Glad to have Erik [Ezukanma] back, going live for the first time, offense was sharp, defense played well under 2 minutes. [Colin] Schooler, Riko [Jeffers], and [Krishon] Merriweather only played 2 series, just being cautious.

T.J. Storment is fine.

[On the defense blitzing] I think KP [Keith Patterson] does a good job of mixing it up and playing coverage, can be a 4-man or 6-man pressure. I don’t think today isn’t going to be much different than the season.

[On the offensive line] I thought decently solid, when the defense had the chance to pin their ears back, they did, the defensive line is playing better too.

Mobility at quarterback is recruited.

[Decision on quarterback] Starter at quarterback is soon, next few days.

[Freshmen quarterbacks without no-contact jerseys] I’ve done it before with young quarterback, couple of unique situations, they are fighting for the 2 or 3 job, Henry [Columbi] is more game-tested, Donovan [Smith] hasn’t been hit in a year and a half, Behren [Morton] with Eastland in the playoffs. I’m good with quarterback depth, glad we got out with depth, it is a different game when they have mobility and can get out of pressure.

Morton and Donovan are there right there neck, and neck, they had good outings today.

Tahj [Brooks] is steady and strong, a strong runner, usually a good runner, a very good all-around back.

Mason Tharp has really good hands, good to stretch the field vertical, he’s grown, 6’9 1/8″ and 255, runs well and has a bright future.

[Philip] Blidi is running with the 1’s and did that yesterday, we feel good about our top 6, when he gets in he gets in the backfield, he’s got a lot of ball ahead of him.

Riko is with the 1’s.

I would think with Behren and Donovan it was 50/50.

Reggie [Pearson] is a good player, good open-field tackler, really good teammate, he’s gelled with our guys and been very good in the secondary.



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