Texas Tech Basketball Notebook: Eligibility Chart Update

It’s a big chart.

With a couple of days for a break, I wanted to get some housecleaning things completed over the weekend.

I’ve been meaning to do the 2023 football commitment list, which I got completed and I’ve got one more player profile to complete (one is done this morning) and we should be good to go. It always just takes time to get all of this done and I had some free time on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I also know that I need to work on the 2024 recruiting class for the football team, and the 2022 and 2023 recruiting class page for basketball team.

More importantly, the list that this post entails is the eligibility chart. Some explanation. This accounts for every player that is currently playing and is currently committed and/or signed. This is sort of a monster to put together, but I think I’ve got it mostly right (again, I probably have something incorrect because changing the HTML is tedious.

What this chart means is that the black box signifies a year that the player is playing or has available. The red box represents a redshirt year available. For example, Jaylon Tyson is redshirting right now, he’s not available and he’s sitting out and he has four years of eligibility available (I think). I don’t ever count red boxes at the end of a career as that is a potential redshirt year available, but will likely never use unless there is an injury. I do count red boxes as a scholarship at the beginning, i.e. Tyson’s redshirt year this year counts as a scholarship year.

The numbers at the bottom are the scholarship numbers currently utilized and you get 13 scholarships per year, so all of the scholarships are used up for 2022. The 2023 season still has 2 scholarships available as of right now. And there’s a better than zero chance that some player will transfer between now and then or declare for the NBA Draft, so there is the potential that there are more spots available.

I think there’s a lot of meat left on the bone here and my guess is that there will be high school recruits that are still going to commit and there will be transfers as well because that’s what Mark Adams does. And given how last year really only had Tyson as a commit before he decided to go to Texas and then decided to come back in January, last year didn’t have a recruiting class. This is nice having Isaacs, Washington, and Jennings with Steffe for the 2023 class.

And this is the first time that I’ve gone this far out for a recruiting class, as Steffe is just a junior, so this is looking 6 years or so in the future, which is sort of wild.

Eligibility Chart

Position Player 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
Guards Clarence Nadolny | (6-3/195) | JR
Kevin McCullar | (6-6/195) | R-JR
Mylik Wilson | (6-3/175) | JR
Ethan Duncan | (5-11/160) | FR RS WO WO WO WO
Lamar Washington | (6-4/200) | – HS
Richard “Pop Pop” Isaacs | (6-2/180) | – HS
Drew Steffe | (6-5/170) | – HS HS
Forwards Adonis Arms | (6-6/205) | S-SR
Davion Warren | (6-6/210) | S-SR
Terrence Shannon, Jr. | (6-6/210) | JR
Chibuzo Agbo, Jr. | (6-7/215) | SO
KJ Allen | (6-6/215) | SO
Jaylon Tyson | (6-7/200) | R-FR
Austin Timperman | (6-7/190) | R-SO WO WO WO
Robert Jennings | (6-7/220) | – HS
Bigs Kevin Obanor | (6-8/225) | SR
Marcus Santos-Silva | (6-7/250) | S-SR
Bryson Williams | (6-8/230) | S-SR
Daniel Batcho | (6-11/245) | R-FR
TOTALS 13 11 8 6 5 1

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