Texas Tech Football Notebook: Cochran & Bookbinder Discuss Spring Practice

TE’s & LB’s.

The video that’s rolling out is a bit later than what’s happening (in other words, I think Emmet Jones and Joey McGuire spoke yesterday, but that video hasn’t been released on YouTube yet). This is tight ends coach Josh Cochran and inside linebacker Josh Bookbinder. We haven’t really heard from them thus far, so this was definitely interesting. Remember, this is a non-transcript and these are not direct quotes, just me typing as quickly as possible.

Tight Ends Coach Josh Cochran

  • Scrimmage, evaluate assignment, technique and effort, there were guys that stepped up. Teeter made good catches, he’s physical, and he’s stepped up to that challenge, he’s worked to be more physical.
  • Never perfect, that is what spring is for, get 1% better, McGuire has each position coach give a player a certain thing to get better, I think as a team we’ve gotten better.
  • Nasty mentality, lot of those guys were receiving guys, trying to step up at the plate on the line and have been proud of their demeanor and dominant mentality.
  • Details, just dominate the details, first step, hat-placement, what foot you stick with, starting to understand the scheme of things, as we learn the offense need to hone on the offense.
  • A huge benefit to have 6’9″ tight end, but we have to continue to grow him, it is hard to play at pad level and continue to grow him in the run game, have talented individuals that love to play each day.
  • That’s huge and a challenge and take it personal, McGuire wants to instill that nasty demeanor and trying to challenge these guys that we play a vital role in the offense.
  • They are stepping up to the plate every day, love their attitude and willingness to play, they have fun and we are having fun as players and a staff.
  • Jayden York was having a phenomenal spring, Jed Castles has an opportunity to step up, we’ve moved guys from linebacker to tight end. The depth chart is completely clean, the guys that show that they want and earn that spot will play.
  • One of the earlier practices, he had shown good stuff, we’re looking to have him back soon.
  • They are really students of the game, really impressed, they come in for extra meetings every day and asking what they are to do and they are hungry to grow and they want to win. They will keep fighting to do that.

Inside Linebackers Coach Josh Bookbinder

  • Seen improvement from practice 1 to 7, steady improvement, not where we need to be, but it is encouraging.
  • The group is interesting, you are either a grandpa or newborn. Jacob Rodriguez, transfer from UVA, Derrick Lewis, Ty Kana, young guy wise, Trent Low is another guy from down the road, excited for the future and now.
  • with Rodriguez it is effort, the first thing I ask for is complete and total effort and he’s put it on tape thus far. I asked him if his hair was on fire how fast would he find the lake that’s how fast we run to the ball and he has consistently done it, it takes time to get in shape to do it in the Big 12, but he’s doing it.
  • I love high school quarterbacks on defense, he backed up every position on offense last year, cerebral guy, didn’t play defense last year, excited about him.
  • Ty worked in Mike and Will, Derrick Lewis has worked Will, Trent has worked Mike and Will, trying to get guys in both positions this spring, trying to work them all over.
  • They are great and there can be some bucking the system, they have embraced us and the fact that the young guys see the old guys on board with the transition is great.
  • They are drinking through a fire hose, they are here and couldn’t ask for a better group.
  • Matthew Young has been awesome, has transferred in and 6th year guy, like being around him and another guy that can pull those young guys along.
  • [Could not understand the question] He is strictly inside right now, know that he can play on the edge, but strictly inside now. He does have versatile skillset.
  • Not happy where they are, there’s been improvement, but have a long ways to go, trying to lay that foundation, things that I ask them from practice 1 to practice 15, but not near where we need to be.
  • Kana, he’s a good athlete and has done a good job of transitioning inside and outside, has showed up and done the work.
  • Will is both in and out of the box, will be pretty multiple, classified as inside.
  • Matthews has done a great job, older guy that has contributed, recruited him out of high school, great kid and brings life and energy and has bought in. Recruited him at Liberty.
  • I’m going to get in trouble, I will say that depending on what type of food, linebackers went to Blue Sky and it was tremendous, and will try any other burger, went to Thai Pepper and loved that.
  • I think just based on experience, Krishon [Merriweather] and Dimitri [Moore] right now stand apart leading the charge, they played both, don’t want to pigeon hole a guy, at some point time will tell, the Sam would be another linebacker but not come from my room. We have some depth right now, probably too early to say, would think that we have a handful of guys that could help us.

As an FYI, there are 7 tight ends on the team now. We knew about Henry Teeter, Mason Tharp, Jed Castles, Jayden York and Jason Lloyd, but also added are Charles Robinson, and Cole Ramsey.ย Chadarius Townsend, Xavier White, and Nehemiah Martinez are listed as receivers, probably slot or inside receivers, but they are listed there rather than running back. I bet they play both.ย The running back room thus consists of SaRodorick Thompson, Tahj Brooks, Cam’Ron Valdez, and Blake Bedwell.


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