Texas Tech Basketball: Report – South Plains’ Steve Green to be Hired as Assistant

It’s a big hire.

According to Lubbock Avalanche Journal’s Carlos Silva, Jr., Texas Tech and Mark Adams will hire South Plains head coach Steve Green to be an assistant for the Red Raiders.

This feels a little bit like deja vu because about this time last year I actually wrote about Adams hiring Green as the thought was that Barret Peery was part I and Green was part II of the process to help fix the offense. As I wrote last year, Green needs guys who can shoot in order to run his offense because if you can’t shoot, then no one is going to guard you and now you’re playing 4 on 5 basketball.

Green went from a guy who was successful and could have probably skated for the rest of his career to a guy who was featured in the New York Times for figuring how how to distill the famed Golden State Warrior offense into something that would work at the junior college level. And that’s the key here, the offense is something that is digestible enough for Green to teach this offense to junior college teams that are essentially built year after year with very little consistency.

And to clarify, the Golden State offense isn’t the standard isolation or pick and roll type of offense, but an offense that is based off of motion, screening, and guys that can shoot. This will be a blast from the past, but the article focuses on Jordan Brangers (and Josh Webster too), the one-time Texas Tech commit, but the key to running a Golden State type of offense is predicated on having guys that can shoot.

Lat year, SPC was 10th in points scored and 21st in points per game so my hope is that the offensive struggles will be something that Green fixes and Texas Tech will essentially have a 1-2 punch with Adams running the defense, Green running the offense and then of course you add into the idea that Green has an ability to find productive players from nowhere and you’ve got a pretty nice combination. The key will be what type of player that Texas Tech will try to pursue moving forward.


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