Texas Tech Football: Big 12 Schedule Observations

Looking forward to the season.

This past weekend I took a long look at the Big 12 schedule, just to get an idea as to how the other teams will play out their 9 teams and how that compares to Texas Tech. Without further adieu, here are some of my observations and would love for you to add your own.

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  • Oklahoma State, Texas and Oklahoma do not play back-to-back away games. Technically, Texas will be on the road for West Virginia, in Dallas for the Oklahoma game, and then in Ames for Iowa State. Oklahoma will have it relatively easy in that same span, hosting TCU, then in Dallas, then in Lawrence to face Kansas.
  • Oklahoma State’s path though has them playing without a bye week for the entire conference schedule. They’ll get 2 weeks off after their non-conference schedule ends, and then they play straight through without a bye and they don’t play back-to-back away games, they do have back-to-back home games in late October and early November against Kansas State and Kansas.
  • TCU also has the same 2-week off week to start conference play and then immediately travel on the road to play Oklahoma. They’ll then have a break against Kansas, then hit the road for their back-to-back games against Oklahoma State and Kansas State.
  • Kansas and Texas both have the latest byes in the conference, October 29th.
  • Because Kansas and West Virginia play each other on September 10th in Lawrence, this is the first conference game of the Big 12, they then both have the next week off. Strangely, West Virginia then hosts Texas and then has another week off, with 7-straight conference games and a back-to-back starting on November 12th against Oklahoma and Kansas State.
  • After playing Texas to open the season Texas Tech goes back-to-back at home, then has a bye with back-to-back on the road, the longest road trip of course, to West Virginia and then McGuire goes to Waco to face Baylor. After that it is a flip-flop of home and away with TCU, @ Kansas, Iowa State, and @ Oklahoma.
  • Any of your thoughts are greatly appreciated. I think I especially like looking at the Big 12 schedule as a grid and as a whole to take a macro approach to how things look.

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