The Morning Stake | 2022.06.07


The good news is that the A/C was fixed the next morning. It was a faulty capacitor. A couple of years ago, my A/C guy told me to keep an old capacitor in the garage, they tend to go out, and having an extra could be useful to use if the current one goes out. Well, that’s exactly what I did, so most of my disasters were averted. I woke up at 1:30 this morning and took my wife and Fits to where they were to meet the bus to go to the airport.


Yesterday on Twitter, Texas Tech Hoops Fans tweeted a welcome back to Malik Ondigo, a center that was here a handful of years ago, then transferred to Rice, and Chris Level said on his radio show that he is now back as a walk-on.


Dave Campbell’s Texas Football announced that UTSA’s Jeff Traylor and Texas Tech’s Joey McGuire would grace the cover of the 2022 magazine.

This Q&A with the two of them is fun and definitely worth the watch and it is fun to watch and it is difficult not cheer for the both of them. “Players win games.” One other aside, I think that Texas made a huge mistake in not hiring Traylor, that would have been a huge problem for Texas Tech.

McGuire sat down with CBS DFW 11 with Bill Jones and it’s a ton of fun (which begs the question what is not fun right now). If the embed doesn’t work, then click here.

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