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The Morning Stake | 2022.06.06

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Back in the saddle.

I would like to tell you that I’ve got all of the Statesboro Regional covered, but I was in San Diego for my nephew’s graduation. It was a great time, spent a ton of time outside, and the graduation was great. Part of the graduation was 2 songs, an acoustic number which was really good, and the second was All Along the Watchtower and the students got up close to the stage and danced. It was fun. About 400+ students and it was done in about an hour.

I followed the Statesboro Regional via Twitter as best I could, but there was so much family things happening, it was not a priority.

I got back yesterday afternoon and my A/C has gone out. Luckily last night was not a hot evening but the rest of the week is expected to be near Hades-like temps and I have a pug who can’t be outside for more than 15 minutes. Not only that, but my wife and my oldest child Fits are going to D.C. and New York on Tuesday for a school trip so I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed as I try to go to work, take care of dogs, attend to Yo, and get the A/C fixed (not in order of importance). I’m sure everything will be fine.

Yesterday, Texas Tech advanced by beating Georgia Southern to eliminate the Eages, and then faced Notre Dame, whom they would have to beat twice. The offense disappeared this past weekend a bit, 8 total runs scored over 8 games and a whole slew of men left on base. Here is the box score from the 3-1 win over Georgia Southern and the box score from the 2-1 loss to Notre Dame.

ESPN’s Bill Connelly has things that have been learned about each Big 12 team and what needs to be learned by week 1:

What we learned this spring: Joey McGuire has injected new life into the Red Raiders’ program, including garnering 20 commitments already, with Tech sitting atop the national recruiting rankings as a result. Under new coordinator Tim DeRuyter, the defense will be attacking and both spring-game teams ended up with three turnovers, a point of emphasis for McGuire this spring. New offensive coordinator Zach Kittley started his career as a volunteer assistant under Kliff Kingsbury in Lubbock, and returns after running two of the nation’s most prolific offenses at Houston Baptist and Western Kentucky in recent years. The Red Raiders will be aggressive on both sides of the ball.

What we need to learn by Week 1: Who will win the quarterback derby, Tyler Shough, Behren Morton or Donovan Smith? Shough, who transferred from Oregon, won the job last season but got just four starts after breaking his collarbone. Smith went 2-2 as a starter late in the season. Morton, a redshirt freshman, was a prized recruit last season. There is talent, but McGuire said this spring no one had separated themselves just yet. And the ages-old question in Lubbock: Can the defense do enough to keep pace in what are sure to be more shootouts in Big 12 games?

This is good to click on over if you want to remind yourself what player is where, like Kansas State has former Nebraska QB Adrian Martinez as the likely starter and USC former QB JT Daniels is the likely starter at West Virginia. I sort of knew that, but it didn’t hurt to be reminded.


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