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The Morning Stake | 2022.08.06

Camp has started.

I drove back from Galveston yesterday after being there for a couple of days for a work conference. I’m a bit tired and still have lots to do today. Enjoy your day!

Texas Tech Football

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal’s Don Williams – Eldridge eyes healthy return from rough end to 2021:

“Kosi’s a resilient dude, man,” Thompson said. “He’s gone through two shoulder surgeries, that bad concussion. He’s been going through a lot. But he knows what type of football player he is. He knows who he is as a person, so he’s going to be fine. He knows he’s going to be fine. And now we finally get to see what Kosi can bring to the table.”

Eldridge has played in 30 games, starting two, since he transferred to Tech from Kilgore College. He’s mostly been a multi-faceted backup, and Thompson says Eldridge deserves to go out with a good year.

“Kosi’s been dealt a crap hand,” Thompson said. “He’s been behind (Colin) Schooler. He’s been behind Riko (Jeffers) for the past two, three years and he’s had those injuries.

“Now we get to see who Kosi actually is. Kosi’s a stud, man. He’s one of the most versatile players I’ve seen, that I have seen, period.”

Red Raider Sports’ Chase Champlin – The Notebook presented by Energy Renovation Center: Running Backs:

-Brooks on McGuire’s overall energy: “His energy is like someone who goes to the store every morning, grabs four monster energy drinks, and drinks them all in one day. He truly is a energy guy and I wouldn’t be surprised if he came in here right now and started screaming. His energy has impacted us as a team a lot. We actually want to play and win for him just because of his energy. We are really just having fun and we come in everyday with a smile. No one here is ever sad and we all know that we get to be here with our family and get to enjoy it.”

– “I have picked up on the new offense super well. Kittley’s offense is simple and easy for us. I don’t like saying this but the quarterbacks kinda tell us what to do, which is helpful sometimes but sometimes you want to be a guy at the next level that is not helpful. You have to learn the offense through the keys and stuff of that nature. It has been easy to pick up on and even the signals. We have a bunch of signals for just one or two plays but it is easy to pick up on.”

Dallas Morning News’ Ryan Mainville – Everything you need to know about Texas Tech football: All eyes on new HC Joey McGuire.

KAMC’s Stan Smith – Previewing the Texas Tech o-line for 2022 with coach Stephen Hamby:


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