Texas Tech Football Notebook: Joey McGuire Discusses Baylor

Another non-transcript. I thought things moved particularly fast and I am sure that I got some names of Baylor players incorrect and apologize for that, but don’t have time to cross-reference their roster.

Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • Recognize a few guys from the scout team, Jurrien Lofton [6-5/290 OL from Aledo] on offense and Wesley Smith [5-10/215 LB from Midland] on defense.
  • Players cleared: Tyler Shough, JJ Sparkman, Myles Price, and Tyler Owens. Monroe Mills would be later this week.
  • For the year we’ve 151 tempo plays, 1st 5 games ran 69, last 2 we’ve run 82. Leading the nation in plays per game and will try to hit over 100. Has helped our offense, the amount of time we can keep people on the field.
  • Playing a team I’m familiar with, David Wetzel and Kenny Perry were on the board of directors of THSCA together, and Shawn Bell good friend and high school coach, an up and coming guy, should be a coordinator. Offensively they are really good Jeff Grimes does a great job. Shapen does a great job of getting the ball out, was baseball and football player. Freshman running back is good, does a great job of wide zone. Ron Roberts has his fingerprints all over that defense, do a great job with pressure package. Ron known for creepers, defensive line is one of the best if not best in the conference. Apu [sp?] is a physical guy and they have some inside linebackers, Christian Morgan has made an impact.
  • Glad we’re at home, glad we’re at night, and glad that Patrick Mahomes is coming back. they are the Big 12 champs from last year and is going to be a great game.
  • From the day I was hired and spoke to any Red Raider alum, that will never be in doubt, they come to practice every day and they play really hard. We can play faster and harder, this week we start filling that turnover and really proud of our players and the buy-in with this program.
  • The energy is different and when you come into this place, the student body are really engaged and whether it is they think the wind will blow harder and tortillas flying. A mystique here and can play extremely hard. Talk about making our fans proud. When we come int there the fans have been incredible.
  • I think we just continue with what we’re working on and concentrating at taking the ball away. Ball security and and Kittley talked about some balls on the ground and making it about football and emphasizing what we need to do. Always things coming out of a game to work on. Didn’t tackle as well in the run game. Always thing to work on during the week.
  • I think it allows us to be continually aggressive ,whoever is in there can get the job done. They drive each other and Tyler Shough will have a chip on his shoulder and that’s good. They are going against each other, but there is a level of preparation and competition within this program and think they will be focused and ready to go.
  • We played better, we gave up 1 sack and the sack we gave up was an all-out blitz. Definitely think the tempo helps. Our guys are in good shape. Offensive line tempo is easier than defensive line. Keeler and Wilburn played well, Landon Peterson had a real edge to him. Have to get better. Kittley did a good job with the plan he had.
  • The thing with us, even when you name a quarterback, you always want competition and never want anyone to get complacent. it is tough and when you have someone that is injured and won the job without a doubt, you have to open it up, it wasn’t his fault, we open it up and we come in Saturday and plan on playing all 3 of them and playing the person who gives us the person to win the game.
  • Patrick and I are both from East Texas, one of the craziest things I saw was when Texas Tech played LSU and what he was doing in that game. Huge fan, we’ve talked, good to have him on our side, he and Kittley talk and he’s helped with social media and he’s proud to be a Red Raider.
  • The coaches, I told the players on Sunday that it’s not about me, I’m not the proud, I don’t make it about me, there are 10 plus people who were at Baylor last year. You need to call us out if you think. Just trying to go 1-0 in the Big 12 this week, and I’m not going to be any different than what I am, easy to look at the pumpjack out there, it doesn’t matter if it is raining or sun. There will be nerves before the game and part of recruiting 95% of the roster and care about them, but it is a football game we need to win.
  • Those guys are playing really hard, they have a young secondary but have an old team. Have a middle linebacker who is a 5th year senior. Old team that’s played a lot of football. Just for me and a kid I love is Gavin Holmes, kid has been through a lot. I have a lot of connections with these guys and the way that Aranda and Rhule recruit these teams.
  • He’ll be the first one to tell you that he missed 3 wide open touchdowns and getting to his 2nd and 3rd reads faster and his 1st read, we didn’t score on. The biggest thing is throw the ball away when it’s not there. The biggest difference on Saturday we only had 5 negative plays, that was a big part, even on 2nd and 9 or 8, that will be big this week because they are a high pressure defense. I thought he did a good job there.
  • Bryson Donnell see him do that and we do on Tuesday and he goes versus the 2’s versus the 1’s and the great thing with him is that the game has slowed down, 215 pounds, a 1-cut runner and the older guys were fired up for him.
  • Quarterback plan on playing all 3 and whoever wins the week will go out there. Those 3 guys will share 1’s and 2’s and I do think where the offense has been the last 2 weeks there will be more pressure on all of them getting the ball out of their hands. Tring to wear down a defense if you’re not tempo they can sub and their movement, having to chase the ball and trying to wear those guys down and help the offensive line.
  • Xavier and Myles will rotate, can sub and go as fast as possible, I expect to play on Saturday, will build on Saturday. Looked great today with Drew on his running. Will keep building. Don’t have 1 or 2 guys, this last week with our tight ends played more and can split those guys out and still be in spread look with Mason Tharp trying to tackle and Teeter needed to be physical and he had a big run. Just mixing them in helps us go fast.
  • When you lose NFL players and they’ve got some talented DB’s, I thought they played better in the secondary and have to do a good job of taking advantage of their experience, they are very aggressive. Have one of the smartest middle linebackers in football. Not a lot of difference. They lost a lot of good running backs, but they have a good freshman. Good teams have an identity and this is who they are they are going to run the ball and have to come out and do what we do what we do. Both teams have been bit by the turnover bug. This will be a big deal in this game.
  • Fist time I’ve coached against somebody that’s my boss, in 1996 and 1997 I was an assistant and we played Crowley, but went with my coach.
  • If you watch game in the last few weeks, it is part of their plan, are getting a lot of chips by tight ends and running backs and he is demanding a lot of double-teams in the passing game. Need other guys in the pass rush to step up, lot of bootleg and play action so will be a little different.
  • Reaction of Tahj Brooks, don’t tell them how to run other than ball security, and asked if they’ve been hurdling and stiff-arm in practice. I loved it, when SaRodorick scored, Kenny said that was all coaching.
  • Still at Carolina and take a deep breath and feels better about themselves and still work hard. Rhule has a chance to be here, but will be at a home game and he said he was going to the beach and will come to Lubbock.
  • Little bit of game plan or match-up, we could get Texas into some things. and this week really focused on tempo, had going to 12 personnel and they go to a 4-man front and can tempo and you’ll see that this week.

Red Raider Sports’ Justin Apodoca broke down the coordinators if you want to check that out.

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