Texas Tech Football Notebook: Joey McGuire Discusses Oklahoma

The Sooners for the end of the season.

For the first minute and a half there was no audio, so I picked it up when the audio started. It also wasn’t on YouTube, so that was also interesting because it makes it that much more difficult to start and stop.

Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • . . . Behren will be ready to go.
  • Monroe Mills did not move over, thought Caleb played one of his better games, sack was not his fault, had plenty of time to get the ball out, that was more play call and not getting the ball out.
  • Malik Dunlap, don’t want to talk about his injury, it was something we knew on Tuesday that we weren’t going to have him. Kobee and Adrian Frye got all of the reaps after that Tuesday Morning, Kobe has been getting reps, Adrian has been getting safety as well. If Adrian doesn’t play in that game, we don’t win that game. Tackled well, and just a credit, Adrian got banged up, someone played in front of him, but he didn’t say a word and showed up.
  • Buying in, the buy-in historically Texas Tech has been so great on offense, almost an afterthought, the bus driver that Bus 1 was defense and not offense. We want to be a complete team and have a demeanor of having a good defense. Some of those guys had a chip on their shoulder that Tyree wasn’t going to paly, about stepping up and playing at a higher level.
  • Muddy Waters is leading the nation in TFL for a DB, physical and explosive, has added some stuff where he is sent during the game, he should have gotten a TFL but ended up being a hold. Playing like a linebacker and is tough and explosive. He is going to play better at the next level, especially after last year and getting hurt.
  • It heart of the team they have to care and love each other. Guys have some strong voices, the two inside guys, Tony and Bug have a strong presence, so does SaRodorick, guys who can pus the team and a high care factor. That’s where energy comes from. The energy comes from the guys playing around you. Try to get the younger guys to understand that.
  • I love the dressing and just love food, really nothing I don’t like.
  • What a great kid, knew it was coming when it was maybe him not being able to play, huge impact and the frustrating thing for me he should be the Big 12 player of the year on defense and consensus all-American and I think he is going to be a lot like Patrick because he loves Texas Tech and cares about being a Red Raider and when he plays on Sunday he will carry that flag and when recruiting, players will see what Tim can do.
  • Krishon said that we should do it so we don’t have to talk about it again. We talk about being 1-0 and if we’re not focusing on us, we don’t have a chance to win, it is a big deal from a standpoint of those programs.
  • Take one of those games out because the quarterback didn’t play prepare for a tempo team and wide splits, Coach Lebby was on the Baylor staff and prepare for multiple and do a lot on defense, will bring 3, 4, 5, 6, and see a lot of movement. They are going to want to go out on a good note to win their 7th game. they are going to play hard.
  • I think it puts a stamp on the things we talk about and what we want to become. When I saw what Sonny did and beating Mississippi State. We lost some guys that made big impacts on the offensive line and knew we had a good football team and made sure we continue that. I wanted these guys to walk into the building thinking the standard is not to go to a bowl game, but play in the Big 12 championship.
  • It means a lot because the guy has been through tough times, gets hurt, then gets hurt again and i this day and age ,there are people who would craw in a hole and eel sorry for himself, he’s watching film and getting ready for OU, it is senior night, but the last game for these guys, black-red-black, and they will play their last game on that field and means a lot to me to send these guys out with a win. These guys have done a lot for this program.
  • Couldn’t kneel it out, time wouldn’t allow us, we had a chart and had the numbers down to a tenth of a second, didn’t want to have issues with a handoff and hat Tyler’s last run he got a knee to the though and finished with Donovan. At 1:20 we could kneel it out and when that hit, we did. Just not handing the ball off, the handoff have to get the exchange and we have quarterbacks that can do what they do with their feet.
  • Nehemiah Martinez, the throws he was able to get open, he had two plays being physical and not being taken down. He was trying the best we can to take what they are giving us. he’s a tough guy to tackle on the field, he had a run after catch that was really big.
  • There are a few that will be making decisions after this game. Rabbit told everyone, Reggie Pearson, two interior and two corners have those decisions to make. We would probably already know because of Covid, when i talk to my guys, I told them to do the senior thing and for example, Bug and Tony, they deserve it and even if they come back and do another one next year, I don’t want them to miss that. The one thing I’ve told these guys, had one-on-one never ask a player to come back when they are supposed to come out. See it every year guys get talked to coming back and they drop and get injured, if they get a grade that can change their lives, i try to give them as much information as we can, Sammy Morris is big with that, and the families and let them decide.
  • That’s tough, we want to be a program that is limited in the portal, want to grow the kids we recruit, be with us 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, and the portal is if you have a young position and a guy comes out early, if he’s from a different place, the guys you’re talking about are really good football players ,the old staff recruited really good players and good kids, have to bring in guys who you think will fit. Older guys are more of a need and that goes from who is best and who fits. We’ll look at guys that want to look and get back to Texas. It is the reason we are signing so many high school kids.

Cinematic recap is pretty good.


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