Texas Tech Football Notebook: Joey McGuire Discusses Ole Miss

It’s sort of game week.

I tried to write some words about Mike Leach last night and it just didn’t’ work out. I’ll try again this weekend. So you get this non-transcript from the media scrum earlier this week. I should also mention that I’ve seen all of the rumors regarding the basketball team and Mark Adams (this is in addition to the Fardaws Aimiq transfer news). As always, I don’t do rumors and am perfectly fine taking the time to let things work themselves out. This is a blog and a place to discuss things, I don’t report the news (because I’m not a reporter).

Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • / tells best Mike Leach story and is wearing a “Swing Your Sword” shirt /
  • Tough day for Mississippi State, college football, and told the team he did a lot for the University.
  • Air Force is the only team that’s out-rushed them on the whole, they have 2 dynamic running backs. Lucky we play int he Big 12, we play really good running backs, one is 1,500 yards and the other is close to 1,000, have to stop the run but the quarterback is dual threat. Defensively, they are an odd-stack and 5th time to see this. They are really athletic on defense. Going to be a great game, today was the first day we’ve prepped for Ole Miss.
  • Our guys have done a good job on their own, Tyler and Behren throwing to receivers, guys come in the weight room and run. We’ve had practices, our guys have hit a little bit. Today you could tell they weren’t in football shape, the energy was good.
  • SaRodorick and Behren are both in great shape. SaRodorick ran with the vets and was full speed today, Behren pulled one down today and said he felt a lot better, would say he’s 90%.
  • Everything is good, everyone that is with us, the vets are playing, Muddy and Kosi are playing. These guys have aspirations to play on Sunday and gives them an opportunity to put film out.
  • / talks about the message on his hat and could not hear what the message says / Did this starting week 1 during camp.
  • / asked about Reggie Pearson in the portal / We have the guys on the roster. Next week is huge, we feel great about our class and Mud will start at Star, Dadrion will start at free safety, and Tyler Owens will start at boundary, he started there before he got hurt.
  • We talked a lot about memories we are making a family. This is our last time to be on the field. There’s going to be some young guys that get reps on special team and take advantage of extra bowl practices. A bowl can catapult you into the offseason. Will be exciting, we are very young on offense. Ole Miss has a lot of young players, should be a really competitive game.

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