Texas Tech Football: Joey McGuire Discusses 2023 Recruiting Class

The press conference was about 30 minutes and this is your non-transcript of Joey McGuire’s National Signing Day press conference.

Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • A great day for Texas Tech and happy birthday to Don Williams. Will remember this day.
  • Really excited, a lot of hard work goes into the recruiting class. Special place when these families come into Lubbock, they fell in love with Lubbock and Texas Tech.
  • Can’t say enough about Dave Martin, Sean Kenney, James Blanchard, Brian Nance, Jake Pittman, have done such a great job of evaluating guys. From coaches, to strength staff to the current players.
  • Trying to meet our needs. Signed somewhere at every position except tight end. Wanted to increase our team speed, length and size. Running joke that big people beat up little people. Nobody can question that this is the fastest class in the nation, that’s in black and white.
  • With Jake Strong, had a previously relationship, so it helped him and his family know who we were. Talking to his family, you could feel that they wanted to commit, told them that I wouldn’t recruit another quarterback and we did, big arm, high IQ, mobile, and he was a big part of the program. He asked who we were going after, retweeting every offer and commit.
  • One side of the ball it is easier to play, offensive lineman usually know they have a growth curve, really excited. OL have legitimate length and height. All 4 of them are nasty and very physical football players and trying to finish players. Defensively, have size and length good frame to add weight. They all chase the ball like their hair is on fire. Both groups are a lot alike in those traits.
  • Jordan Sanford could be the start of all of that, the start of the cactus, it was over Sanford, glad it he is in Lubbock. He is a mid-year, he will help us and he’s a corner, will get a ton of reps. Have some old guys coming back, but Horn is having a great bowl practice and gives us great depth, the mid-years are going to get a ton of reps.
  • The mid-year, don’t have an excuse not to walk away with a masters, adding an extra semester and have a great opportunity to get your masters. Joseph Adedire, came in at 250, played at 280, was in the weight room, in the meeting rooms and understanding. With us, we have guys before or after the game will have some surgeries to clean things up and these mid-years could get those reps.
  • We’ve got 3 DB’s Jordan, BJ and Chap, could work their way into the 2-deep. Can help on special teams, guys that can run like Miquel Dingle and Justin Horne and Macho Stevenson, they can run for Coach Kittley, they have a chance to work in special teams.
  • West Texas Tough, Davis and Anquan Willis, the thing with both of them, they played other positions. When we were talking to Davis, we want him at running back could be a safety. Anquan at running back, but could play linebacker. Davis is extremely explosive. Anquan is a mid-year, I’m fired up about those guys and versatility. There are guys who can play both sides of the ball. Marcus Ramon-Edwards could play anywhere, depend on his growth. Really excited about the versatility.
  • He got to play that last game, some of the guys that are bange up, recovery with us is big.
  • We’re serious about recruiting West Texas, over the years people have talked about it but not followed up. We want to keep them home. you have to take advantage of guys who can play at this level who are this close. I know there’s guys that want to get away from home, we want to make sure they have the opportunity to be Red Raiders. Like John Curry, he’s supposed to be a Red Raider and wanted to make sure he didn’t go anywhere else.
  • I would say the opportunity, the speed we have, if you look at what we did, recruited defensive linemen, we’re going to build it up front and be really fast, that will be common in every recruiting class. I think we have a great coaching staff, but it is hard to coach size and speed, and our job is to make sure guys go to the football with that size and speed.
  • I think we play in the most intimidating stadium in the country, when West Texas kids are out here they want to get behind that. They are here because they are great football players that wanted to stay home. With name, image, likeness, that West Texas you can already have a brand and create it further.
  • I didn’t sleep 2 nights ago about, about 2 hours. I was probably up around 4:50, wore my coaches out with texts, had a plan to contact all the head coaches, all the parents, all the players the last 3 nights, my last texts, we didn’t want any surprises. We had a couple that were running behind, want somebody to get them on the phone to make sure we’re good. We’ll enjoy today, we know that Blanch and his crew are already working on 24 and 25.
  • We have a high buy-in from our staff, have a plan and everybody is involved, to writing letters, texting, getting guys on the phone, everyone is all-in, and have a good plan in what we do. We made them feel at home and this is where they are supposed to be. Talking to Kirby how to recruit high school players, they are very interested in being football players and getting a great education. That’s an advantage, if you want to be an architect, doctor, or business school, you can do that here.
  • It says a lot about Mike, Kate, and Margo, do a tremendous job, our official visit last week and talking to a mom about academics, I get a daily report. I text guys every night. We have a meeting every Monday, Martin is in charge of student development, along with Quinten Jordan. Tell them to be a pro and if you play 10 years in the NFL and have not amassed the wealth to live out your life and had better have a great education.
  • Well we don’t make excuses and don’t let people make them for us. That was probably something said by people of West Texas. I think this is the greatest place on earth, play behind a passionate fanbase because it is a city, everywhere you go it is red and black. Get to play big-time football, be in the nicest facility in the country and get a great education. Can’t recruit to West Texas, will never be said again.
  • For the transfer portal, it offers immediate depth, that’s one thing you have to stay ahead of your roster. I get it, I literally, the guys who are in the portal, I sent Donnie a text last night and told him congrats and that I’m happy for you. I ask guys how I can help you because they all left the right way. When you have old guys coming back, sometimes you might feel you are missing an opportunity. Both of those guys have played a lot of college football, create good depth, had to play Tony and Boog too much, Quincey provides depth and they can play better and our young guys, Banks and Massey have a ton of reps, that’s really helped and excited about playing in a bowl game that will get an opportunity.
  • There’s possible 1 in the February signing period, feel really good where we are at. We’ll see after the bowl game and piece it together.
  • Kaden Carr has an awesome family and his brother has great passion for this university. He is a guard and he finishes, has a nasty streak, very nice, reminds me of Steve Hamby, walks around with 2 white dogs and pink leashes, but between the lines wants to rip your face off.
  • I think Nick Fattig, has great flexibility, could help at center. What we’ve done every other practice, Caleb Rogers has been playing center and Dennis plays guard, Sheridan Wilson has been the #2 center, a freshman has grown up, I think moving Dennis to guard will change the line, Cole Spencer in there and will get his medical year, I think it will be one of our strengths next year. Nick has a good chance to play center.
  • Kelby Valsin can play inside, he is a natural ball catcher, when we were looking at these guys, we were looking for length and speed. Kelby could move inside, he doesn’t care where he plays.
  • What we’re going to do, Jordan Sanford will play corner, Brenden Jordan will play star, losing muddy, move CJ there, Chapman Lewis can play boundary or free, but look at free, expect Hut Graham to go to Boundary, have a lot of youth, but talented players.
  • Marcus Ramon Edwards, think he will start at safety, you all know he is a human highlight, look at him at safety, just try to get a feel for him. Him and John Curry are not done growing height wise.
  • What we’re going to do with outside linebackers, we expect Dylan to go to where Tyree (field) played and Isaiah where Josiah played (boundary). Dylan might get some of both.
  • Curry, Dingle, and Horne are all inside guys.

This is the National Signing Day show, 45 minutes or so of Joey McGuire and Robert Giovannetti going over the players.


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