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The Morning Stake | 2023.06.23

A good interview.

This was good. Start watching around the 31 minute mark as head coach Joey McGuire is interviewed by J.D. PicKell, who was apparently a senior graduate walk-on at Baylor, but now works for On3, and he talked about how McGuire treated him and also they discuss the process of recruiting and the 2023 team. Really enjoyable.

And here’s a follow up article with one of the quotes from the video:

“If you’re in this building right now and you ask a player — and I’m sure you can say this about everywhere — but you look at our guys in the eye and you’ll feel that they truly believe that they can win the Big 12,” McGuire said. “It’s one of those deals of one reason is because we have so much experience back. Like I said, we got our fourth football school today, if you’re down there on the offense side of the ball, you’re gonna be like, these dudes are ready to go play a game right now. Just the speed and the grasp that they have of the offense. It’s a lot of fun to be in West Texas right now and we’ve got some fans that are pretty fired up.”

Congrats to Gavin Kash for being named to the second-team All-American by CBF!

Quite the honor for Lady Raider head coach krista Gerlich who will go to New York City for the inaugural Big 12 Hoops in the Park Coaches Clinic on July 18th at Rucker Park!

Another congrats to track and field’s Courtney Lindsey who has been named as a semifinalist for The Bowerman, which is the highest award in collegiate track and field!


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