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The Morning Stake | 2023.08.04

Happy Friday.

That’s 56 minutes of the best possible coach-speak that you’ve ever heard. I was only able to listen to the first 25 minutes or so before I had to hit publish.

  • I can’t summarize how I typically have been able to do, but will give you some highlights, which is that McGuire opened up the press conference saying that Texas Tech needs to be better up front.
  • Was asked about potential local guys and mentions B.J. Jordan, the back-up to C.J. Baskerville and Jordan is 210 pounds. Miquel Dingle had a great spring and will be difficult to redshirt and will play on special teams. John Curry and Marcus Ramon-Edwards are both guys who are developed and Kaden Carr has also impressed.
  • Jessiah Pierre is the best pass rusher from the inside and has helped with the defense.
  • The hunted is K-State and TCU, the teams that played in the big bowls and those are the teams that everyone is looking at and everything else is media hype. The game is played on the field.
  • Talked about players returning and how he is trying to teach them to be professionals, told Tony Bradford that he’s given a lot to the university, but that he has more to give back and that his give-back is to win the Big 12.
  • Cole Spencer was the best offensive lineman last year, but had to be shut down. Is as strong as he’s been. He’s a captain and he runs to every ball at 328.
  • Good for the program when people talk about the program. Make sure to temper the building to go 1-0 each week and our countdown is to Wyoming.

Via CBS Sports, Arizona is a hard lean to the Big 12, which isn’t a surprise at this point. However . . .

The Big 12 has long been focused on expanding with at least two — if not all four — of the Pac-12’s “Four Corners” schools. Should it acquire Arizona along with Colorado, the Big 12 would have 16 members. It could also add Arizona State and Utah should they choose to break with the Pac-12.

Should the Pac-12 lose more members from its Southern bloc, we may see an entire additional round of realignment. The Big Ten has begun seriously considering adding Oregon and Washington to its league.

There is presently a hangup in the economics of adding the Ducks and Huskies, however, as both programs are seeking additional annual revenue to cover travel expenses through the Midwest and East Coast, sources tell Dodd. At least in Washington’s case, that could mean about $10 million in additional funds per year.

Giving schools more is how we got here. Either you are in or you are out.


If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, this will make a lot of sense. If not, it’s a fun video, done largely in one shot which is neat (until Kenny Perry makes an appearance) and takes a lot of work to coordinate. I also love the fact that players who are creative can be creative and be unafraid to do this, which apparently Knotts came to the staff with the idea. Silly for me to consider that, but whatever, still think it’s neat.


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