The Morning Stake

The Morning Stake | 2023.08.07

Practice time.

Non-transcript time.

  • Happy with effort in Day 1, expect a lot of retention and good to see Brandon Lux is special and had a great practice, BJ Jordan, fun to see young guys retain so much. Speed of practice was good. Had great day with first 2 quarterbacks.
  • Rayshad Williams looked good, took every rep with the 1’s.
  • Depth at linebacker is great, but worried about experience. Talent wise, we are as talented as we’ve ever been. Jessiah and Jacob had good day, Wesley Smith, Ty Kana, Miquel Dingle also was good.
  • Tyrique Matthews has a calf strain, he did all pre-run thru and stretch and held him out. If he was in here, he’d say he’s ready to go, but doctor has a hard day of when he is ready.
  • We have no starters, must be earned, same thing with Braylon Lux. If we move Baskerville to inside linebacker, Lux goes outside, and start look ahead at talented receiving corps and gives us another guy. Shad and Malik will work their butts off to keep those spots, but Lux was one of the highest rated corners according to PFF.
  • Two quarterbacks are special and great arm talent, receivers we have from top to bottom, have gotten faster. Our two-deep, we feel good. Bradley, Miles, Loic, Koy, all had good days. JJ had a good day.
  • It would be really cool if we could take each team and look at them side-by-side, we are bigger and more experienced. We’re a faster team, but also playing faster. This team would beat the bowl team by 14. Really fun to watch Muddy last night with 5 tackles.
  • Two strongest voices are Ramirez and Shough, we want you to be a great teammate. Leader has to be a great teammate first. it is fun to see guys come out of their shell and be vocal. Want a player-led team.
  • Bryce Ramirez brings so many things to this team, 2 or 3 days we will really see where he’s at. How he handles getting hit and in scrimmage and see how he battles back and practices. He is such a rock for this team.
  • Class of 2024, freaky and feel good where we are at, will be smaller because of numbers, we don’t want to lose anybody, we let them know how valuable they are. We feel good about the class. 19 or 20 is where we will end up.
  • Take 3 moto is being +3 win 90% of games, so you have to get +3 and when you play 20 guys on defense, more guys are invested. No body had more reps going on today. Jake Strong took the same number of looks that Shough took. That brings more juice knowing that everyone is taking reps.

Zach Thomas was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I can tell you that I love this, all of it, Zach, Jimmy Johnson, all of it. I cried. [I also embedded the video, but apparently you cannot do that, so please feeel free to click on over to YouTube.]

And in a passing note, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah decided to join the Big 12, bringing the total to 16 when Texas and Oklahoma depart next year.


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