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By the Numbers: Texas Tech vs. Arkansas

Quick note: apologies to all STP readers for the “By the Numbers” segment being absent all of college basketball season. I’m not trying to make excuses, but work has been extremely busy and my dad is fighting stage four cancer (he is going to win but I would still appreciate your prayers!). I’ve got time […]

By the Numbers: Texas Tech Season Outlook (Week 3)

We’re back from the bye with this week’s “By the Numbers.” Simply stated, the analytical models are extremely bearish on Texas Tech following the close call against Houston Baptist. Here’s what they have to say about the Red Raiders and the rest of the Big 12.   ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) Team National Rank […]

By the Numbers: Texas Tech Season Outlook (Week 1)

In many ways, it feels like college football season has been a long time coming following the sports hiatus brought on by COVID-19. As Coach Wells pointed out, kickoff on Saturday will be six months to the day from when the Red Raiders were called off the court and the Big 12 basketball tournament was […]

By the Numbers: Texas Tech’s Season Outlook (Week 6)

My apologies for missing last week’s analytics outlook. Simply stated, life got in the way. But Tech went 3-1 the past two weeks including an unsuccessful but impressive comeback effort in Lawrence, and two tossup wins that have really bolstered the team’s resume; a win against West Virginia in Lubbock and a road win against […]

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