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The Morning Stake: Hays Inducted; Michigan DL Interested in Texas Tech

Former LCU and Texas Tech baseball coach Larry Hays is inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame, plus a Michigan defensive lineman considers Texas Tech and Dylan Cantrell just flips for footballs.

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Hays Inducted to Baseball Hall of Fame. Amazingly, the only thing that I could find about former Lubbock Christian and Texas Tech head baseball coach Larry Hays being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame was this Facebook photo. I don’t know if I missed something and I apologize for not catching this yesterday (having the weekend away will do that), but I was hoping that there would be something in the news today. There was this LAJ article on last night’s events, but no mention of Hays really.

I should also mention the College Baseball Hall of Fame broke the ground on a new museum and accompanying field. this is really big for Lubbock and the people involved in making this happen. Someone had the vision to say that there needs to be a College Baseball Hall of Fame and why not Lubbock and I think they’ve done a great thing making sure that college baseball has a home, with that home being in Lubbock.


Pipkins Considers Texas Tech. ESPN’s Joe Schad says that dismissed Michigan defensive lineman Ondre Pipkins, a former 5-star recruit that has been shown the door by Jim Harbaugh because of injuries, although Pipkins says he is fine, is considering Texas Tech, along with Missouri and Kansas as a possible transfer option. You can read more about Pipkins via ESPN, but he basically said that Harbaugh and the head athletic trainer asked him to sign a medical scholarship form that would have ended his career and freed up a scholarship. If Pipkins transfers to a Division I program, he’ll have to sit out a year. Just so happens that Texas Tech needs a defensive lineman or two in 2016 and they could hold that scholarship for two years.

Cantrell Flips for Footballs.

Boren’s Comments Are Unproductive. FOX Sports’ David Ubben writes that Oklahoma president David Boren’s recent comments about possible expansion for the Big 12 are unproductive and I would tend to agree, but since there really aren’t any significant teams to add, so commenting just doesn’t add anything. I don’t agree with this and I think that the candidates that have been mentioned do add value. Do they add as much as Clemson or Florida State? No, but they would add value. Boren’s comments were essentially saying what most of us feel, which is that those of us that are in the Big 12, we feel, well, inadequate and in this respect, I absolutely do. I think we all feel that the Big 12 is behind the eight-ball.

Ranking the Players. DMN’s Tommy Magelssen is ranking the top 25 players and yesterday, he started with 25 through 21. I think I’d have to see the entire list before saying I agree with this or disagree with that, but it’s a good start.

Miscellaneous. ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon has their Big 12 recruiting scorecard . . . SB Nation’s Bill Connelly is finally to the Big 12 in his summer preview and up first is the Kansas Jayhawks . . .


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