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The Morning Stake: What’s Wrong With Ten?

Our friends over at The Land Grant Gauntlet ask what’s wrong with 10 teams in the Big 12, plus we check in on Stan Bonewitz, the life of Kal Segrist and the football team’s top 5 players.

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Bonewitz at Condordia. SAEN’s Mike Considine writes about former Red Raider basketballer Stan Bonewitz, who has been the head coach at Concordia University in San Antonio for the past decade and also their athletic director. Concordia averages over 90 points a game and they play an up-and-down style of offense and defense. If you’d like to watch some highlights, here are some from a few years ago:

Stan’s the coach on the left side of the floor with the bald head.


Remembering Kal Segrist. DMN’s Kevin Sherrington has a fond look back at the former Texas Tech baseball coach, Kal Segrist, the Hico Kid.

Big 12 Expansion

Doe the Big 12 HAVE to Expand? The Land Grant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross asked me last week if the the Big 12 has to expand and it’s a good read for those of you who don’t feel like the Big 12 *has* to do anything and even if you think that expansion is something that needs to happen, it’s a good read from that end as well. Maybe the tl;dr thought for me is that the Big 12 has been anything but proactive and lost out on the expansion game the last go-round and I feel that this would happen again if some of the members want to expand. Not listening to your members is how you lost Nebraska and TAMU. Of course I also think that some of you want the Big 12 to be inactive again so that the conference falls apart and the dream scenario of heading West seems more unlikely than any scenario. Waiting for the pretty girl to break-up with her rich and incredibly good-looking boyfriend doesn’t sound like a plan.

NewsOK’s Berry Tramel wrote something very similar to the idea of “hey, what’s wrong with 10 teams?” and to reiterate, oh, sure, it’s fine, unless Oklahoma wants to expand and if and when no one listens to them and they leave and it’s not for the Pac-? and Texas Tech is maybe left in a bad spot, then I’ll feel pretty terrible.


5 Through 1. DMN’s Tommy Magelssen has most likely his final Texas Tech assignment with his top five players on Texas Tech’s roster, Taylor Symmank, Jakeem Grant, DeAndre Washington, Pete Robertson, and Le’Raven Clark.


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