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The Morning Stake: Washington a Constant

Running back DeAndre Washington was the one constant in 2014, plus, we take a bit of a laugh at UT, who can’t afford to feed their coaches.


Washington is a Constant. ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon writes about how Texas Tech RB DeAndre Washington was the one constant element to the offense last year and head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that they will find ways to continue to get him the ball:

“We’ll continue to find ways to get him the ball,” Kingsbury said. “In a down year, he was definitely a bright spot on and off the field. Did a great job leading, never gave up, had some dire situations where he continued to run the ball tough when we were out of games. I couldn’t be more impressed with him, his development on and off the field. I expect another great year from DeAndre.”

Cost of Attendance. LAJ’s Don Williams writes about Kingsbury’s thoughts on the new cost of attendance:

“I’m always for as much as we can give the athletes, the better,” Kingsbury said. “My only concern is where are the funds going to go exactly? Are they going to go to what we intend them to be used for, which is food, housing, clothing, bettering their experience as a college student-athlete and not on frivolous things?

“I think there’ll be some give and take the first year to see if we’re getting what we want out of it. … Maybe they have to invest it or put it in a trust or something like that further down the line, but initially, as much as we can give them to improve their experience, the better.”

Reginald Davis’ Punishment. KTRE asked about WR Reginald Davis and any punishment that he might have and I think I missed Kingsbury speaking about Davis and Kingsbury said that they have handled his punishment in-house and won’t announce it yet:

“We’ve been handling it in-house and there will be some punishment moving forward, but I’m not going to announce that just yet. He’ll practice and we’ll see about his playing time from there,” said Kingsbury. ”Reginald is a guy who was a quarterback in high school and has been developing into a wide receiver. He had a great spring and has two years left. He has to maximize those because he has the ability. He’s just got to do it on the field.”

There’s video there if you want to check it out.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Click this link, like for real!

I wanted up update you on the status of meals in the dining hall beginning this fall. In the past we have had two classes of employees with regard to dining hall meals – those that received 20 meals a year and those that received unlimited meals. Under that system we were spending over $300,000 on coach and staff meals per year. In order to make this benefit more equitable and also reduce costs, beginning this August EVERY full time coach and staff member will receive 30 meals for the academic year, roughly one per week. Those can be used for either lunch or dinner (as the dining hall will now be serving dinner to student-athletes as well) at any time durin gthe academic year. You can use them all in the first 30 days or spread them out over 9 months. The savings from this initiative will also be used to help fund the additional student-athlete meals we are now allowed to provide under new NCAA rules.

Chip Brown was right! Seriously this is a school that made, yes, made $161 million in 2013-14. Great call Chip!

Miscellaneous. Wreck’Em 24/7’s Daniel Paulling talked with Texas Tech commit CB Damarcus Fields and Fields sounds like a really pleasant kid and he’s part of the class that’s all trying to row together, definitely worth a listen . . . difference between Joe Mixon and Nigel Bethel II? Via the DMN, Mixon feels like the victim, so he’s dedicating the season to his “haters”, meanwhile Bethel doesn’t feel like he needs to prove anything to anyone, accepted his punishment and is moving on . . . Land Grant Gauntlet has their preseason Big 12 power rankings and Texas Tech sits 8th . . . very interesting article in the DMN about the epidemic of high school players transferring and there’s not a real solution . . .


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