Homecoming & Hoops: Dunks on Dunks on Dunks

Texas Tech basketball held their Hoops & Homecoming event last night and there were dunks. Lots of dunks.

Last night, the men’s and women’s basketball teams held their Hoops and Homecoming event and there were dunks. Lots and lots of dunks. There is a photo gallery that you can check out, but I’ve got dunks on dunks right here.

Our own DanSwany was in the crowd last night.

Coach Whitaker has jokes!

Recee Caldwell wins the women’s three-point contest.

Norense Odiase gets loose.

Jordan Jackson can fly.

Literally, he can fly.

Zach Smith with the windmill dunk.

Zach Smith dunks over a 6’11” dude (I can’t remember this guy’s name and I’m sorry).


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