Texas Tech Football Notebook: Patrick Mahomes is One of a Kind

Kliff Kingsbury and Patrick Mahomes go visit an injured high school player and Mahomes is one of a kind.

So Great. Hat-tip, Chris Level:

LAJ’s Nichola Talbot has more the photo above as Riley Shadle broke two vertebrae in a football game, Clarendon vs. Lockney, on a crackback block, and has had five surgeries and has some feeling in his upper body, but is on a feeding tube. Think a good thought for Riley. Also, at the link, there is a GoFundMe account as well as an account at Donley County State Bank.

Podcasting with Blatant Homerism. I did some podcasting with Allen Kenney from Blatant Homerism where we talk about Oklahoma and Texas Tech. Check it out.

Mahomes is One of a Kind. USA Today’s Paul Myerberg profiles our very own QB Patrick Mahomes and writes that Mahomes is one of a kind:

Football wasn’t his first love, and certainly isn’t in his blood. Mahomes’ father, Pat, played Major League Baseball for more than a decade, passing along athletic genes and an affinity for line drives and fastballs. Rest assured: Mahomes is the first Texas Tech quarterback to have been taught the art of hitting by Alex Rodriguez, or to have shagged fly balls from Robin Ventura during batting practice. “I’m glad he picked football,” offensive tackle Le’Raven Clark said.

In an era when personalized quarterback development has become commonplace, Mahomes never had a private coach and never attended the quarterback-only camps that have become a ubiquitous part of a recruit’s offseason schedule. He didn’t play football until middle school, then as a safety, and didn’t take over at quarterback until the third game of his junior year.

Go read the whole thing.

Grant Looks to be Versatile. ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon writes about how IR Jakeem Grant looks to be more versatile and plays with a chip on his shoulder:

“I thought they would give me more credit and say I was one of the top receivers in the nation,” Grant said. “And they still don’t say that, so I have to go out each week and prove them wrong. I feel like I have a lot of things to improve.”

Its MikeTTU! He’s all famous and on the video.

Secondary Problems. LAJ’s Krista Pirtle writes that the Oklahoma secondary causes problems for Texas Tech, but the Oklahoma defense is aware of how good Patrick Mahomes is:

“You got to keep him in the pocket,” senior linebacker Eric Striker said. “He’s really good out (of) the pocket. I think he’s even better out of the pocket than he is in.”

Mahomes is third in the country and leads the Big 12 in passing yards with 2,618.

“Well there’s a lot he can do well,” Stoops said. “Obviously his ability to create plays with his feet and his arm. He gets the ball out quick. He’s got a quick release.”

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